Saturday, February 11, 2012

cucuk 3 bulan Maryam Bahyraa ku...

Amazingly, she didn't cry not even the "eekkkk" sound. her doctor was surprised a lilltle. mom?? like i said, was amazed...apahal anak aku diam ja?? i swear i was waiting for maryam to scream or something and i was ready to grab and soothe her if she ever cried. i was there behind the doctor during the shot. siap tolong baca Bismillah dalam hati...but, she just lay there and gave us her toothless smile, the brightest eyes..cuteness sambil pot pet pot pet bahasa german dia. hehee...

 Maryam, mom is sooooo pround of u baby! mmmmuahhh!! She's currently a 5.5kg baby and 62cm long. panjang kan! ;) other than that, she's is one happy and healthy baby. Alhamdulillah.

BUT, at 4pm today, i notice paha KFC maryam was swollen a little. and she was crying out of pain...what to do? terpaksa gave her ubat yang dibekalkan..and Alhamdulillah, she was ok after waking up from her sleep an hour later.dah ceria2 kembali. adoi...panic seketika tengok anak nangeh...rasa nak gantikan rasa sakit or tak selesa dia.

Her Paed didn't gave her the Pneumococal vaccine this month. it is sheduled for next month check up together with the Rotavirus vaccine.

At the beginning i thought of only giving the Pneumococcal, but her Paed asked us to consider the Rotavirus as well. Seeing the cases reported on the media lately about the virus, i immidiately said YES, let's give her that too...

Too all parents, please, please, consider giving your child Pneumococcal and Rotavirus vaccines...InsyaAllah, tak rugi apa pun kita bagi anak2 yang terbaik. After all, PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. ;)

ohh lupa, The price for the vaccines at KPJ Specialist Hospital,Penang: -

Pneumococcal : RM 228
Rotavirus         : RM 150 

The price is for one injection. Pneumococcal must be taken for 4 times and Rotavirus for 3 times. but not every month. your baby's doctor will schedule the vaccine for you.

ohh, lupa lagi, Rotavirus vaccine is given orally while the Pneumococcal vaccine is through injections.

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