Thursday, December 17, 2009


well, the best part of a working life for me is during the day we recieve our gaji...excited!! i mean eventhough the gaji in not in yet but when we got the pay slip of the's the best feeling in the world..hehehe...

this month is a good month i must a civil servant i'm sure most of us have got that extra bonus in the bank today!! yabedabeduuuuuuwww!! i really need that extra money so desperately ok... cos i haven't started saving for my road tax next year ( it's in april..still road tax kan mahal if u're using new car kan..)

okeh..i have jolted down evertything i need to put aside for this month on a piece of paper...tengok..sungguh unprofessional kan..main tulis ja budget of the month.. hmm..i need a good diary to do my budget properly in future la..hahah padahal nak dekat 3 tahun dh keja!

ok..i have a lot of reponsibilities like all of u guys out there everytime we get our gaji so nak tengok ka skit2 what i do with my money every month?? particularly this month!

1. give to mak my car
3. life insurance
4. credit card (arghhh!)
5. Astro bil
6. Electrical bil (well ususally i dun pay cos my bill is always less than rm20..last month it was only 20 cent!! betul ke TNB nihh?? ahaha..rezeki)
7. water bil
8. PTPTN (warghhhhh!! tense...manyak gila! help!! sometimes i pay but most of the time i fail to pay!!)
9. go back to hometown..( hukhuk..this is the depressing part..i can only afford to go back once a month)
10. service my car
11. aerobic class ( i serious?)
12. erkk...banyaknya benda kena bayar...belum masuk minyak and foods lg ni...aiyaakkk!

ok..after i calculate everything..i find that, it's still impossible for me to buy my dream kain nikah yet... ;-(
knowing my style, i won't settle for second best..or buy something for the sake of to say that all the preparations have to be postponed until the money in my bank is ready...hahah..bukan i yg suppose to be ready tp duit pulak kena ready...

so friends,..bersyukurlah dengan apa yg kita ada walaupun sedikit..and work hard for everything that we not wait and rely on others too much..this is what i always keep telling myself everytime i feel so down and see other people's preparations..buying this and that..having this and that..while i'm on the other end, having nothing just yet..but then again,.i'm sure my time will come..until then i just have to remain positive and be happy and excited for everything that is going on in my life at present...kan!! =)

p/s: forgot to include my phone bill... =(

yours truly,


Anonymous said...

norr.. pg td tenet tgk wet masuk sgt suke cos fara xtau pon gaji masuk arini tau!punyela mood cuti kan..

once da masuk, transfer sana, transfer cni, tinggal ciput jek.. pastu td g lak renew insurans + roadtax, tggl lagi ciput! roadtax supposed only rm90.. tp td i wat kt mybnk, siap on the spot sbb dia ade machine khas tu, jadi rm100. roadtax same je kot, just insurance je depends on hage keta.

n kita samela tuk no 8 tuh..haha!! tp musykil tuk no 6 tu.. tol ke? kalo dok sorg pon xkn tu je??

tp kne bsyukur la kan..n alhamdullah for 2010 fara dpt wat tuition skola n kalo ade demand, wat lagi home tuition. ikutkan hati mmg maleh sgt, tp pkir tuk saving kawin, ku turutkan saja.. if only fara ni pandai bisnes, da lame fara wat!

NoRr said...

fara: hah..tu baru 11 list i buat..actually ada berjela2 list i..pastu i fikir malu lak nak letak segalanya..hahha...ya la road tax mmg mahai kan..i mean insurance dia i nak kena 1k pulak the next renew...hampeh...makin sikit jugak simpanan yg tak berapa nak banyak tu...hukhuk

ha! ye tu fakta...i ada lagi simpan bil ..i pun cam pelik apa hal 20 sen ja bil i..

jgn TNB silap kira next month sampai bil rm200 lak..amuk trus! huhu..

actually, bila difikirkan..bukan mudah menjadi org dewas kan..banyak betul reponsibilities that we have to carry out...i miss being a kid kadang2...happy ja..takdak masalah...huhu..but apapun dapat gaji mmg syok..tapi bayar hutang....erk!! pengsan