Monday, December 21, 2009

especially for CT

my dear friend Siti Nurhasliza has finally gotten engaged with her dearly Syafiq on Friday, 18th December 2009 at 4.30 pm ...CONGRATS ya ct!! setelah sekian lama...huhu..
anyway, here are some of the pics that i promised her to upload on my blog.. heheh..layan!

happily engaged girl

sister in law to be had the honor to slip the ring

suap! jangan tak suap!

bersemayam di atas takhtanya..hehe

her DIY mini pelamin that she managed to pull off at the very last minute! the giant pomander balls


ehh tarian apa kah ini??

lat tali lat tali tam plommmm! haha..

light! camera..action!! me.... ;p
ok2, just want to say here that i love her majlis which is sweet and all of us got a lil' crazy on that day and ended up having tons of fun!! though there was a tiny lilltle drama but,..hell we don't care..we're a bunch of "slamber" people.. syafiq her fiance only arrived after the rombongan had gone back and pretty much after everything was done...dah penat2 posing and nak balik umah baru dia tak dapat lah capturing his pic. then, they resumed the photog session with the photographer. for more pics...they are now available on our Facebooks and i'm sure we will have extra fun commenting on each other!
ohh, her make up and her baju all fabulously done by our friend fuzah who owns a bridal boutique and her business in booming right now! well done! u can visit the web here well,.i'm not good at blogging about the details of the majlis cos i took the pics that will only commemorate the event not every single detail on the majlis like some people do...honestly, i tak pandai nak amik semua cos i'm the type of peson who likes to enjoy the moment not capturing the i think many bride or bride to be would appreciate the privacy i decided not to include too many pics in here... =)

to ct, i can't wait to be at ur wedding day pulak and we're so happy for you babe! sekian, wassalam..

ehh..ada lagi?? ;p


Love Says it All~ said...

cantik la dat color. ark brown kan? nampak luxurious!

NoRr said...

kan! =) at first she wanted hot pink but i convinced her to go for dark brown cos i thought it suits her better..saja2 nak lari dr tema pink n purple n typical sgt kan..ehehe

Anonymous said...

dear..pic hantaran xda ka.. ngade lak i neh!

NoRr said...

fara, separuh jekk..i baru sedar i silap shoot..kalut sgt nak tgk aksi2 lain..heheh

anna anwar said...

sapa cameraman???

NoRr said...

buat2 tanya nohhh...ehehe..