Tuesday, December 22, 2009

shikin's wedding

ok, after ct's engagement, the next day was my high school mate's wedding pulak.. her name is shikin. well, our friendship started way back in 2001 when we met in BM High School and did our Form 6th. we were in the same class for 2 years and after completing STPM we went to different uni. she went to UNIMAS and i went to USM. but we tried to keep in touch trough phone every now and then. lama gila tak jumpa shikin ni. lepas sekolah and uni we never met at all until last august kot we accidentally bumped into each other dalam kedai jam kat Queensbay. i heard somebody scremed my name, tekejut tengok2 dia! so kecoh la skit kedai jam tu. she was buying watch for her hantaran she said and at that point i realised she came with her fiance (now her husband la) and i was with my bf (now fiance.hihi) she told me she was getting married on december and the next day she gave me a rang asking for my address to send the invitation card..

excited gila to go to her wedding cos i think ini lah penutup wedding of this year for me la. and we did talk and exchange our views on wedding and she and her mother was so kind to recommend me her wedding planner. i mean she and her mother ,they are very helpful and baik sesangat. they know that i had no idea how to start my wedding planning and shikin was so kind by giving out all the deatils about her tailor, her pelamin dewan, her mini pelamin, etc. so i rasa syok and very motivated to start my wedding planning next year..insyaAllah. (erk..next year pun lagi beberapa hari dr sekarang)

so back to shikin's wedding.. all i could say is...beautiful! from the beginning to end. her wedding was last Saturday, 19th December 2009 at the Dewan Tapak Expo Seberang Jaya, Penang.

initially i planned to go with finace cos shikin kept telling me to come together and see whether we would like what we see cos if we do, then she will hook us up with her wedding planner. but fiance had to go outstation in KL for 5 days.. so i brought my mak along.

when i first arrived, shikin's mom was also excited to see me and before i left he mom asked again how was everthing? suka tak? i said " suka makcik! cantik betul semua...!" heheh.." haa...kalau suka nanti bagitau lain..mai nak tolong recommend" huhu i was so touch by he motherly words..and sincerity...terharu sebab ada yang bersungguh nak tolong.

ok, enough blabbing.. enjoy a few pics that i manged to snap.remmeber i'm not the person who would capture the moment but rather...the type of person who enjoys the moment tau..so maybe tak banyak pics kat sini sebab i dok melantak segala macam foods yang ada...huhu...sedap! macam2 ada..dessert dia pun best.

the beautiful bride - shikin ( muka dia ada iras2 zizie ezette kan)

the lucky dude - Firuz Abadi
the view from our table

besarnya kerusi..ingat kerusi Mawi Ekin paling besaq..rupanya kerusi Firuz Ekin lagi besaq!

semuanya lelaki, malu lak nak mencelah. hihi

from the side
unfortunately tak sempat nak bergambar dengan pengntin ni cos i had to rush back and had oteher plan afterwards..frust sangat tp nak buat cemana... =(

to shikin and Firus Abadi, CONGRATULAITIONS! semoga kekal abadi... =) cepat2 dapat baby!

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Riena said...

cantiknya pelamin diaaa..
eemm mcm zizi laa muka dia skitt...