Thursday, December 24, 2009

money matter

i've settled all my bills off this month..syukur...but the killing part see the balance of the bank account...*sigh* suddenly i recall a qoute from my officemate in my brain " kita ni keja makan gaji ja jangan harap sangat la nak cepat kaya unless ada extra income outside" well, whatever that she said is true if anybody can claim that he or she is happy and well off with the salary recieved every month... it's either that person doesn't have a car, debts, doesn't give some to parents, bills to pay, memang kaya raya, or that person memang ada orang yang sponsor dia la every month kan..( husband tanggung la ) hmm,.. bad news is...the normal people like us..we do have many responsibilities that come in a "package hutang" with every Ringgit Malaysia that we earn every month kan.. i mean the salary that we get is not meant to be in the account forvever la..dapat ja gaji terus bayar segalanya, right! so the balance that remains satisfies u or not?? u do the math..

i love tips provided by CIMB clicks, i find their tips relevant and easy to follow.. but today i'd like to share some of the bad news regarding our financials..

5 Signs You Are In Financial Trouble

Peer pressure and lifestyle demands can put a considerable pressure on your finances. So, how do you know when to pull the brakes? Here are 5 tell-tale-signs that your finances have plunged into the danger zone:

1. Savings of less than 5% – You are supposed to save as much as 40% of your net earnings each month. When you see your savings shrinking to just 5%, it’s time to buckle up & make some dramatic changes before it’s too late!

2. Rising credit card balance – When it comes to credit card balances, try limit your balance to a max of RM2,000. eg. Once you hit the limit, refrain from using that credit card for the time being until after you have cleared all outstanding payments. Always try to pay more than just the minimum so that you don’t end up paying more interest than you had originally intended.

3. Dwindling cash pool – If a large portion of your monthly salary goes to paying loans & bills, you are likely to have gone over the edge. Anything beyond 30% of your gross income meant it’s time for some investigation as to why your bills are costing you more than it should.

4. Drowned in too many bills – Do keep an eye on your net income after deducting all your loans & utility payments obligations. If you find your remaining cash pool shrinking, it’s time to take action: cut down your expenses.

5. Sacrificing emergency funds – When you find yourself digging into your personal savings or emergency funds to pay for a purchase, it’s time to evaluate your spending & re-access your finances. Chances are you’re spending beyond your means & depleting your saving funds.

source: cimbclicks

so?? did any of u out there find yourself guilty of any of the list?? hihi...ok, i admit..i'm gulity no.5 ( sometimes ja ok!).tak heran la skang ramai betul buat online business lah, jual makanan kesihatan la, promote this and that to us.. YES, i find it a bit irritating when peole approach me to buy their products.. but if i think logically, i understand why many people nowadays tend to look for side incomes...this is their way trying to survive the world. a very demanding world, i must say...=)

p/s: i'm off to penang in the evening for the whole week and be back in 2010..hahaha macam lama ja bunyi 2010 tu.i hope to relax at kampung and recharge myself for the new semester! so have a great time everybody!! ohh, be safe.. =)

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