Monday, January 4, 2010

my humble new year wishes to you!

tho i'm like days behind, still i'd like to wish everyone who's reading ( if any) A VERY HAPPY AND PEACEFUL 2010! yeahhhh!! hope that all your wishes have been granted last year and have a great great 2010... =)
wahh, cam lama tak update this blog...well, the start of 2010 really making me a bit nervous and just can't wait for what in store for me. like everyone else, i hope to be a better daughter, sister, friend, aunty and last but not least a better partner for him..insyaAllah..

whatelse? i really..really...really wish to lose weight...nyampah!! no matter how hard i try i'd never really lose much! so, hopefully this year i will make it... or i won't fit into the wedding dress. =(
whatelse?? well i better make a long list out of this entry if i were to tell all my wishes..heheh..
well friends...again, have a great year ahead and work harder okies!


faratul said...

huhu..nak diet gak.. susah tol nak displinkn dri nih..

NoRr said...

marilah kita besama2 mnuju kejayaan ya cik fara! heeeeyarrrrggghhhh!!