Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1 done..many more to do!

i had a long break last week in penang,..( yeah, i know i keep mentioning penang over & over again. ngeee) for more than a week. a few things that i managed to accomplish during my break in sweet penang... which is....BOOKING THE HALL!! yeaaayyy...finally i'm 1 step towards my wedding...hahah which is still a long way to go. but knowing my area, i knew i had to make this move fast or i would end up having no place for reception. at the beginning, i didn't really fond of booking the hall too early then my sis told to have it book in advance to avoid any inconvinence later..so the next day, i went to look around 3 halls with my mak and to my surprise, many people have actually booked the halls even earlier!! bare in mind that it was 27th December 2009 but many of the halls are alomost fully booked for 2010...fuhh! apa lagi..kecut perut la i time tu cos the clerk told me march,may, june, november and december 2010 dah almost fully book. nasib the month that i plan to have my wedding takdak sapa book lagi..ehehhe...relieved! but when i mentioned the date, this pakcik said " la..tarikh cik tu dah ada mai tanya" i was a bit down la then he continued, " tapi tuan punya badan belum hantaq borang..sapa cepat dia dapat la"

i went home with a piece of paper and i discussed a little with fiance on the phone and made a few calls asking for opinions...then 2 days later, i went to submit the form with my sister...and Alhamdulillah, sempat jugak choop dulu. i didn't know wheter i made the right decision but it's ok if ada rezeki that hall will be the venue for my wedding reception if later i decided to change my mind then be it...kan??? erm... i heard about a place around my town that has a swimming pool and there were a few weddings held there recently...i dunno,..the sound of having a wedding by the pool pun quite interesting, rite?? =) ntah, tetiba that idea lingers in mind!

i have no regret of booking that hall cos i dun have to pay until 3 moths before the big day. i only booked it cos i dun go back to penang every week. so at least at this moment we have a place to hold a wedding already. if there is some changes to be made then, tak pa la kan.

i like the hall cos it's located in the middle of town and easier for people to find it. i believe my friends from Kedah, Perlis, Perak semua tu can locate that place. plus, it has the basic facilities like separate surau for women and men, wash room, big parking area, and a few other interesting facilities..so ok la kan.. also the hall has a stage...so i think i better think of the style of pelamin that suits the place. =)

well, i haven't written an entry regarding my wedding list just yet, but trust me i have it all long after my engagement..fiance has recieved a copy of it like a month ago and hopefully we could follow it with dedication and disipline..hahhah...( takot bajet kami berlari2 meninggalkan kami)

so!! i think that's it i wanna share in this entry.. =) walaupun sedikit saja benda yang berjaya dilaksanakan, i must say, i'm happy...

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