Friday, January 8, 2010

1 year older

yeppp..tonight at exactly 12 am i'll be turning 27 years YOUNG! well, if i want it precisely it's supposed to be at 10pm, January 9. oh tidakkkk in 3 years time that number will turn into 30...tuanya i rasa. i don't know how to describe the feeling. i'm supposed to be happy on my birthday, rite? but this year somehow i wish that my birthday would be in june...tengah2 so takdak la rasa as if tua cepat sangat kot...hahah but what to do..i'm a january baby. ishk!! tak baik kan rasa macam ni. evntually, all of us will be old kan. so accept the fact cik norr!! haihhhh

ok, time to be nothing but positive about the whole thing that is in front of me~ i'm so blessed be turning 27 ( tho i still wish it was 21) and at the age of 27 tomorrow i will be looking back and felling even more blessed than ever..i just don't know how to describe everything that is inside of me but 1 thing that i'm proud of is that i have accomplished a lot if i were to compare my life like 10 or 12 ago. i mean at that time, being young and immature i had no idea how i wanted my life to be. i was not interested at my studies at all. and had moments where i felt people underestimated me and really looked down on me.i was at the low of my low. but everything changed when i was in uni. i met new people, new friends and new knowledge to discover i enjoyed every bit of it!! and today, i think i'm not as self-concious as i was, i'm independent, i have a clearer picture of what i want to achieve in 10 years, insyaAllah if i'm blessed again with another 10 years and many more to come =)

goshh! i'll be 27 tomorrow. the journey wasn't easy so far and still won't be easy in future as long as we are human...tawakal dengan yang mendatang and keep going..
tapi...this year i'll be celebrating alone and lonely in my house la.. uwaaaaa!~ takpa...i have plan... i will eat the whole cake la kot...( see, cake pun beli sendiri tahun ni) *hint to fiance, with hope he will make it up somethig for me later..soon, please* hihih..



adillah said...

Happy birthday from us ( Abg Jaii, Kak D, Hakim & Adam) Wish you a wonderful "27" and a joy and wonderful life ahead. **Ingat target 10102010.

NoRr said...

WAHHH! TQ so much...terharu cek!27 is a big number..i still wish for a small one..hahah

faratul said...

epi belated besday! fara pon bln satu gak.. hehe..