Monday, January 11, 2010

long distance preparations

it's a lilttle chalanging for somebody like me who knows nothing about wedding preparations to prepare my big day since i'm away from home and all the things that i want are no where to be found here in perlis...maybe because of lack exposure or whatever, i find that this place kosong..apa pun takdak~ (oopssi!)

so all my preparations so far boleh dikatakan, biasa2 sahaja. nothing big.. since my wedding will be in october, so i'm not making too much progress. just that at this moment as we have planned, we buy 1 or 2 items a month for the hantaran and the rest is still at discussion stage. i can't be too hands on since i'm away from home and many of the wedding prepations are going on in penang like the caterer for reception, pelamin, make up, my baju, photographer, etc, etc, etc.. so all i can do from here is just making calls and emailing asking people about stuffs...and how i wish i could spend my weekends hunting for stuffs and pay a visit to people that currently i intend to work with..

lucky me, there's a thing called, technology..hahah..if not i may have to do last minute preparation ja la bila ada cuti panjang..i have set some
dates to meet my vendors and also i have asked my sisters to help me a little with the hantaran stuffs.. like this month i want to buy the Quran and telekung. i have asked my sis in ipoh to help me buy these items cos i trust her capability to select the most suitable for me..heheh! excited jugak and relieved at the same time cos once i have started the process, i feel like a liltle weight has been lifted off my shoulder..lega cek! so at least can cross my list dengan senyuman...hihi.

1 thing for sure doing the preparations from hundreds kilometers away is not fun at all.haha...ntah la, tak puas rasa if tak tengok depan2.


adillah said...

try this page..buat hantaran mesti gempaq abis...

Anonymous said...

hehe..bln bape cik leh teka jek.hehe..

A W E E N N Y E said...

first time read ur blog...
so i already put ur blog at my link..
ok, i can help u untuk satu tempat d alor star, kalo u berminat.
tempat baru n pelamin sume nice n sesuai citarasa skrang. saya pun sedang wat wed pre jg =)
wish u best of luck

NoRr said...

K.Dilla : TQ will do..pls help me tho.. hihi

Fara : pandai betul cik fara..kalu bole teka tu betul la tu..ehehe,..nanti i umum tarikh rasminya ye

Aweennye : TQ for reading,..malu lak..biasa2 ja blog fill in my time...i memang minat apa ja pekara berkaitan dengan wedding ni ( semenjak 2 if ada any recomendations, i will look into it ) maceh~

A W E E N N Y E said...

leh bg email..? nnt awn bg num tuan punya kedai tu =)
p je tanya2 dulu

NoRr said...

hi aween..i baru boleh bukak blog...setelah berhari2 bermasalah...i sent u email already..TQ ya~ =)