Monday, January 18, 2010

happy mood~

okay, sorry if i tersasar dari landasan di entry ini..ehhehe...after days of trying to log on to my blog, today at 3.30 pm i finally managed to log. tense gila la tak dapat buka blog..cos i thought our office has completely blocked the access to blogger web after the facebook is now officially blocked!! warghhhhh...napa buat macam tu?? sunyi la hidupku kini... :'( well, me and my officemates tried lots of method to log in to our FB, including installing a new software to somehow unblocked the thing but a waste of time ja...sabaq ja la..wireless at our homes pun very bad..i guess this the sign to get that broadbad thing...huhh!
but nevertheless, still im happy to be able to blog again... yahoooo~ im not too far from civilization after all!
i will update soon, TQ very much for reading ( if any)


Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

norr, cantik blog!!

lama i tak komen, hehe kene blocked dah? opis i takde block access to any site cuma i pun tak gila fb, to be exact mmg takde fb.. kwn sume perli, but i like blog so much, so i focus sana je..

Anonymous said...

i bace!! (referring to ur last sentence).hehee

adillah said...

check this blog out...i like it..

among the exclusive and personalize choc.

NoRr said...

nurul & fara : maceh~ hihi

NoRr said...

kak dilla: dh cek dah...mmg penah tgk dulu..hihi TQ~