Thursday, January 21, 2010

inspirasi baju nikah?

hello folks!~ lama jugak blog ini tidak di update. after my last entry, again i couldn't log in to my blog account. it was so tak tentu arah, cos i really felt sunyi gila. hopefully everything will be back to normal starting now on.. * keep my finggers cross*

ok...i know the title above may trigger sparks of interest to some people ( hahah ya ka??) well, i have been keeping some pictures regarding the design of my baju nikah that i wish to have. just like any modern bride, i would go for something simple since i know my body type... (i'm fat ok) and i don't fancy something bombastic or so heavy and intricate cos i'm just too afraid my baju would not look and suit me the way it suppose to be.. so just wanna play safe, i'd like something SIMPLE.

long before i know about weddig stuffs, i have always loved to see bride's baju nikah. and baju nikah to me always always means WHITE... that's it..if i see other color for baju nikah, then it's not baju nikah..hihihi...sorry ya if i have offended anybody who opts for other than white in color for their baju nikah. ;p i can't help it..but white is so suci murni kan. and i just can't seem to agree on other color to be worn during my, insyaAllah i will choose white lace later.
so, how about the design?? well, to be honest, i still have no idea what will look ok on me. it's every bride's dream to look beautiful on her day, rite! but 1 thing for sure i have always wanted the back button instead of a normal zipper on my back..i felt in love with these picture the first time i layed my eyes on it... i don't know what type of button this is but they said ala2 butang cosry...i'm not too sure about it.well, i know i can't afford to have the cosry people to sew my i may have to show this picture to my tailor and hopefully they could come out with something almost like this..i mean the button.. =) focus on the the brides' back only ya kawan2 cos i don't want want a zip! =) i have been keeping these pics for sometime actually and i didn't want to be too excited to write it on my blog cos i thought that "still early nak tulis tentang baju2 idaman ni" hihi.. so, macam malu2 lagi nak cerita..hihi..anyways, i took these pics form danielzain all credits go to the his page and the beautiful brides!
i hope this buttons will go well with the kurung modern too cos i know i won't look good in kebaya..yep! baju kurung modern for my nikah day, insyaAllah...=)

p/s: sedang berusaha dengan tekun menguruskan badan ini...


bitsANDpieces said...

loving the buttons style too!

NoRr said...

bits&pieces: i cute rite..=)

Xora said...

NoRr, saya punye baju nikah pun butang dibelakang. tapi butang tu dummy button aje, tetap pakai zip. so senang nak pakai :P tapi saya nye baju kebaya labuh :P tak muat masuk baju kurung moden :(