Monday, December 14, 2009

desperately in need of a good vacation

entered my office this noon today after a long lunch outside with another lecturer...i was surprised to see some chocolates and a little gift on my desk from a collegue who just came back from a word vacation makes me jump up and down in my heart a little...i guess this is a good time to finish up all the annual leave since the new year is approching fast.

the atmostphere of the office pun a bit suram since many of us are gone for holiday or gone back to respective kampungs..bestnya! what the heck am i still doing here in the office?? ngeheeeee... i still have 10 days annual leaves which i have no idea how to finish and definitely it will be burnt just like that this year (like always!) =(

i desperately want to go some where for a break. but i have nobody to go with to enjoy the places and go crazy...and be goofy... sheshhh!! still wishing all my besties are not married yet.., *sigh* i wish i'm married! hahah...erm, also i really wish to bring my mak somewhere nice where she could shop and see new things but i'm no street wise...i could only bring her around penang, and still get lost in the middle of it..hahaaa...maybe in the near future la kot.. i hope we could go some place nice away from penang a little beramai-ramai..

well as off for now, how do i plan to finish at least half of the balance of my annual leave? i have got a few wedding invitations, engagement invitation and nikah i plan to take leave and be at all the events!hahah...syok jugak tengok orang kawen kan? ohh! go jalan2 with finace too...hihih..jadi la kan..nak pi jauh2 tak buleh.. *wink*

p/s : a lovely friend from FB asking to join her on Star i'm thinking...


Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

star cruise, u better go if u have the chance, wuuu teingin gila.. hehe..

and silalah bervacay.. atleast boleh unwind sikit otak yang dah tepu.. :)

im going to bandung in january, not for shopping sangat la but as an excuse to get out from the cramped situation.. :)

NoRr said...

tu lah..i pun sedang berkira2 for that star cruise vacay...but it won't be this march lak.. my friend asked me to join her..

wahhh u'r goin bandung ya?? syoknya...mesti ada benda yg nak beli tu if dh sampai sana kan..hihi...( wedding preps) :p