Thursday, December 3, 2009

emotional wreck! i being paranoid??
well, at first i was happy to learn that finally fiance decided to have his own Facebook after a long waiting and a long persuading...guess what?? suddenly it srtuck me hard...

~ what if ada awek mengorat dia kt page dia?

~what if he spends a little too much time facebooking?

~what if he got too caught up like i did when i first time opened my FB?

warghhhhhh!!! napa i macam paranoid gila nih?? i was deep into this topic till i couldn't sleep well on the nite i opened his FB...WHY? cos the fact that he didn't change his status on FB from IN A RETIONSHIP to ENGAGE to me really drove me crazy and i was so upset i gave him a silent treatment that nite...i mean who wouldn't rite? dah tunang tapi napa nak guna "in a relationship" kan? penat ja FB cipta term "Engaged to"...i thought mesti something fishy goin on... =( so i was so damn angry then i bambarded him with SMSes...he didn't reply and went straight to bed...GERAM!! arghhh...
but when i woke up this morning i opened his FB and i saw the status has been changed to Engaged to me...i felt relieved and a bit guilty for nagging at him..and we're cool now since he pujuk2 a bit...cair la..ngeheheh..after all i pun malas nak drag things too long and waste my energy gaduh and majuk lama2...yes, i used to be that person who would sulk for more than a day..and we would have a long argument over stupid stuffs cos i was being silly and dragged him into that...but i think, i have changed a lot these days...hmm, maybe beacause when you're in a serious relationship like this we tend to give and take kot...and of course we feel a lot secure and comfortable to move to this stage ( i mean gettin hitched!) =)

meanwhile, we have do have plan this weekend. yippppy!!! the 1st date since we got engaged! lama tak kuar where to this time?? jln2, makan2,movie and to look for a dress maker in penang kot... i still keep this person's business card and been to her shop..i want to go and check her out first...last time we went there my fiance did most of the talking and i was passive cos i had no idea what to ask and look for...hmm...hopefully this time around i'll be more chatty. hahah! but i won't get my hope too high though,..this is just a start of my journey to survey for my nothing serious just yet. =p

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