Friday, December 4, 2009

health concious?

preety soon i will be turning 27 years young (ehehe)... next january to be time flies extra fast nowadays..tak rasa langsung...sekejap ja dh towards the end of the year 2010 is approaching fast i'm very sure that many of us will start to make the resolution for the new year or maybe to carry forward the resolution of this year...hehe...well as for myself i rarely have any resolution cos i'm just bad at keeping it... =p back to my age i'm turning 27 next year i hope for nothing but bless with good health...i remember when i was in school, 24 years old is considered old according to my mental vocabulary..let alone 27!! lagi lah tua kan..hahah..yet i guess it's true when people said that age is only a u guys actually feel that u are 24 ka, 25 ke, 26 ka, 27 ka, 28 ka??? i mean i don't...i feel the same since 4 yars ago...nothing change much in term of health and mind...i hope it's a good thing though..since my yearly medical check up turns to be ok everytime.

well, although i consider myself fat as a cow in the previous entry i just want to justify here that i always make sure that i eat healthily by avoiding too much greesy things and cut down the rice intake..i only eat a lot if i go back to my hometown cos..i can't resist the temptations ok..mak's cooking is awsome..(well, all mothers punya cooking paling sedap di dunia kan!)

my only problem is that i do not have time to excersize...i work 8-5 basis and most of the time when i reach home i have no energy to do anything but lay down...i guess when u are mentally tired after long day at work it effects you body as well...i mean i get tired gila..

i discover the detoxifying programe through my reading as i had all the symptoms mentioned after i took the detox test. so i tried juvanex for a week. works like a mechine,..hahah..for those who have tried it the should understand the phrase.. for some the effect might worst cos a friend of mine did try but she couldn't handle for me it works it! it's been long since i last tried juvanex and since it's almost the end of year i plan to detox myself again as recommended..

currently just to give my body some nutritions i'm on green fit!

i don't know how i finally gave in to persuations by an officemate..i thought it would give no effect but i did and still continues to do so...i love it! soooooo delicious... and wangi. i drink it every nite now.. i first tried it a month ago for 2 weeks...and after a while this product becomes a hit among my officemates now..semua pakat minut green fit..
so,..let's get healthy friends!! ohh...must exercise...i know..i know...
anyways,..have a great weekend everyone! =)


Anonymous said...

norr..mahal ngak?bape sachets/box? slalu g toilet x?n how to get it?seh..byk tnye lak ye..rasnye cam da puas buang toxin ni,derma darah pon slalu pimples xsurut2..

Anonymous said...

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Happy Preparing for ur big day dear!!!

NoRr said...

faratul:mana satu yg mahal?? juvanex ka green fit babe? sekotak ada 14 sachets...seminggu ja dh abeh..huhu. ish,..macam i promote2 lak benda ni kan...heheh, my officemate jual.hmm,..toilet tiap2 pagi wajib masuk la minum benda ni sbb dia fiber kan..sodap!

Anonymous said...

i mean green fit.yg juvanex tu dah try.hope green fit cheaper la..lagi2 u cakap sodap kn.coz skang adalah mase belanje berhemah!hehe..

NoRr said...

faratul: owh..murah je..rm75/box. u tau kan mana nak cari??hmm..why not try..mana tau it suits u well far i suka la..sbb rasa dia n every morning tak payah dipaksa..wajib! huhuu...alamka malu lak

Anonymous said...

serius xtau..mesti xde kat farmasi kn?kan? tu la i ni jenis yg lambat sgt mbuang,kne use something to assist the process.haha..xpe norr,xyah malu2..sharing is caring kan..

NoRr said...

gimme ur email nnt i emel kat u! =p wahh...macam doktor lak i rasa...hahah