Tuesday, December 8, 2009

having a panic attack for ur big day already??

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why do most of us ( i mean girls) get panicked easily when it comes to things related to our engagement & wedding ya?? i don't know how to describe it but the feelings we have when the date is nearer is so overwhelming...and all of suddeng u become so concious about the whole thing and all the negative thoughts seem to run accross your mind...we have all these questions of " WHAT IF...." ok example:-

1. what if the make up turns out bad?
2. what if the day rains so heavily?
3.what if the dress can't be buttoned/or the zip won't zip?
4 what if the foods won't be enough for everybody?
5. what if the pictures won't turn out good?
6. what if we look so damn fat in the pictures?
7. what if the guests think that this is one sucks wedding/engagement?
8. what if....
9. what if.... and the list goes on

hahah..i mean when all of these "what if.." thingy keep rulling your thought u will definitely feel like screaming or maybe crying cos u don't get the comfort words that u are supposed to get. for a start, i think it is normal to be panicked ok.. cos if u don't panic at all, kering betul hati u la... huhu (oops!)

well, i'm writing this entry specifically to address the issue that many of us seems to care a lot about the things that we couldn't control during our big day.. i mean, yes there will definitely be a few glitches here and there cos nothing perfect but Allah. but to be so worried about the whole thing is certainly unnecessary indeed...yes, we can't help but wanting the best for everything that we have planned so long and there is no space in our mind to just let anything goes in a wrong direction during the day...but then again..we can only plan but Allah determines everything..so just chill and let go of those negative thoughts...the most important thing is segala-galanya selamat...yang bertunang selamat ditunangkan & yang bernikah selamat dinikahkan... i mean in the end, that's the only thing that matters, rite??

i'm also writing this entry with hope to comfort a friend who is going to have her egagement day by next week, insyaAllah...hope she's reading this and keep on being positive and stop caring about what other people minght say cos obviously, those people opinions are not important...ok =)
and to anyone who's preparing and waiting for the day to happen, remember it's just inside your mind...stop thinking too much. just go with the flow...have a great time preparing and tawakal & redha for anything and everthing! only then u will be free....

p/s: memandai ja nak comfort orang,..hihi



faratul said...

owh..sgt benar2 ape yg kamu tulis!n if one or more things listed above happen to me, sy cume brharap it will not ruin my mood n muke sy xmasam mencuka pd hari itu.. amin..

NoRr said...

i pun harap cemtu jugak la nanti...ni i di tahap relax boleh la cakap cemtu kan..will see whether i manage to keep my hands off my panic butto later...hahahah :p