Wednesday, November 18, 2009


recieved a text msg from my niece this early morning telling me to pray for her to do well during answering her SPM starting today... ohh!! SPM..i almost forgot that today is the big day for them...hmm,..honestly SPM was the hardest exam in my life by far..nothing could compare to it..i mean i went through all the big examinations in the country..SPM,STPM..and all the exams back in Uni were not as neve recking as SPM...(well in my opinion lah).. i remeber the day of my SPM day...i was all nervous, swetty all over and my hands were shaking while ansewring the 1st paper...i couldn't write!! and i kept asking for more papers cos apparently i went blanked!...i mean the invigilator could notice that...and that right moment she approched me and said that i should relax...hahah...malu gila la..well, that exactly what i did..i stopped for a few minutes trying to compose myself and not looking and my friends who were actively answering the questions and writing..and writing and writing,..gosshhh!

well, i didn't do well in my SPM. =( i decided to go to form 6 cos i wanted to study...all my friends didn't want to pursue the form 6 cos back then it was considered not cool. u have to wear the school uniform and the went to college and poly...leaving me all alone in new school...

looking back, i would say that it was a blessing in disguise... i did well in my form 6 and managed to secure a place in 1 of the top uni in the country...hihih...and continued to do quite well in there..heheh..i never considered myself as an excellent student or something and in uni i was really really pemalas type of student...but i would make sure all my works were done on time and studied at the very last minute for my exams...burning the midnite oils etc... i miss those moments...

now, for my 2 nieces who are battling with SPM... i wish u girls all the very best of me u need all the lucks!hahahahha...gurau2...hmm, just remember that we actually have the control of our future... just imagine yourself in 10 years.. where are u? if u see yourself working your ass out and underpaid,..then that's exactly what u gonna be..on the other hand, if u picture youself doing what u have always wanted..sitting in a very comfortable chair in an airconditioned place with a lot of money...then work hard to achieve that! no pain no gain babe!!

also, we can never underestimate the late develeper...i mean a person could be all smart and scoring all A's throughout his or her years in schools but most of the time the "late developers" will overtake them..i mean through my experince being a "late developer" haha...i've seen my high school friends that were considered smart group and had all the teachers's atenttions to them but in the end, the kinda drifted apart from continuing being excellent.. biasa2 ja result and keja pun biasa2 ja, never ever judge people ok...*wink*

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