Thursday, November 12, 2009

it opens my eyes.. job descriptions basically i teach at one of the higher learning instituitions..and this semester for the first time i have to complete 30 hours lecture for the final semester students and we're basically towards the end of the semester already... so for these students my lectures through out the whole sem deal with a lot on topics to prepare theme for job.. i must say i love all the topics that i tech this time around cos i get to create all the contents myself..

ok, so the final topic was about handling job interview... so i took extra effort to prepare a mock interview for all my final sem students...instead of having a normal presentations i change the format by doing interview for what i try to tell here is that, only through this method i find myself getting to know my students more rather that giving a normal lecture in the class.. through the interview, it opens my eyes widely and change many of my wrong perceptions towards many of my students.. i mean i just found that that many of them are very craetive people and the showed me lots of their previous works... i was speechless to see one of the students' photography works...they surprised me good.. i love the fact that his works are very professional the end,.. my student offered me to a very special price if i were to take him as mu wedding photographer...and i kinda like looking at his works so far... maybe i shuould include him into my list! ( well, honestly i have no list just yet but, i will remember to put him on my list of good photographer!hihi) so do click here to access to his previous works... to me, for a young adult like him to be able to do such flawless work... i give him 2 thumbs up!! =)

oh, btw.. our interview that was supposed to be a mock ineterview turned into a conversation on wedding photogrphy topic..adoi...

his work!...................>

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