Wednesday, February 3, 2010

baby issues

noooo...i'm not refering to me wanting to have a baby or something! no...not yet...hahah...ok, i know that this entry will cause some negatives impressions on me but i just want to let all my frustration for a minute and be done with it.

it's actually about my office mates who keeps talking about their babies every hour of EVERY FREAKING DAY!! i mean i've had enought already...penat telinga i tau. i may not understand why they keep going on about their babies cos i'm not married and i have no baby to join their chit chatting..but if every morning, the first thing that comes comes out their mouths are about how their babies do this and that, how thier babies buat perangai, menangis, laughs, do some actions stunts la, eventhough baru umur 5 bulan dah pandai cakap nak susu la..yadaaa..yadaa..yadaa..ok2..i get it..but do they have to talk about the same things about their babies all the time...throughout the day..from morning till evening?? come on...gimme a break..

i know i have a choice to just ignore their talking or chit chittng but i can't..we sit in the same i have to hear them...and sometimes i just think that this is too much, as if we have nothing else to talk about? and of couse, for somebody like me who is not yet married, i mean the only person not yet married in the partition i feel a lil' left out...sedey jugak cos i have nothing to talk about.

nevertheless, i try to understand all of them..they are young mothers and excited parent. so i may not understand completely how they feel...but honestly, some people are a lilttle over the top and pretend like they have 10 babies and talk about their miricle knowledge on babies...*sigh*

ok u might say i'm being silly or exaggerating,but honestly i have to face the baby topic every it really like that?? i mean if we're married and have kids all we will be talking are about our babies??? everyday?? wow~

don't people get tired of something? how about those who have not been blessed with a child yet? tak kesian ka if they have to hear the same thing everyday from their co-worker?? and also, i feel weird when these mothers dengan selamber cakap tentang org tu or org ni dah kawen for more than a year or so, still takda anak and they seem to question why?? i mean isn't that a matter of rezeki from Allah? who are we to say this and that? i mean, they are all samart and educated people here..but sometimes, they seem to act like non.. and for them if u are married, u're supposed to be pregger as soon as possible, if u fail then, seolah2 u have problem somewhere.WHAT THE....?

ok,enough said..time to move on. l love babies...they are adorable~

p/s: i'm glad i have a blog to pour all my feelings. TQ
p.p/s: ohh, no one knows i have a blog..huhu~


anak_sateria said...

know the feeling... hehehhe even i kat office ni pun agak tension coz my clerk with a son, every morning cerita the nite before die tlg anak die buat kerja umah, anak die nk mkn ni... kite yg belum kawen n xde anak ni, kdg2 we r so tired to hear all those things every morning...xde pe yg lain bleh nk buat..sabar je la k....

NoRr said...

Alhamdulullah,..ada jugak yg memahami...i thought i sorang ja kat dunia ni rasa camni..huuu...sabar ja la kan...kita pun tak tau once kita ada anak nnt maybe kita akan turn out worst than them..(mintak dijauhkan)