Friday, June 25, 2010

can't believe that the wedding is approaching real fast & so many things to do nowadays...tomorrow insyaAllah, we're going to survey and most probably tempah terus kot.the thing with me & fiance is that we're both are so stuck with our works that we don't have time to actually go out and do our wedding prearation together.if ever we have the chance and TIME to do so only then we would buy all the stuffs that we need all in one day or just buy's a really tiring job macam ni and seriously sometimes i get so irritated and mula nak marah2 padahal this is the situation that we have to deal with..tak dak cara lain dah. work is so crazy and it's gonna be even more hectic this coming semester for sapa kata keja lecturer ni keja senang??? think again.. hari2 i told him i wanted to quit.. ;(

ehh?? apa la termelalut bab keja lak?

anyway, nak cita tentang wedding card...our repective families have asked us about the card and really are pusing us to quickly settle this part. i did survey a few shops( 2 shops) in penang, around my area which is in Seberang pathetic! i mean kesian gila i tegok designs.then it got me thinking, patut la everytime my mak recieved a wedding invitation card i could see the patern that these people seemed to do almost the same design..tiap2 bulan kad kawen sampai umah semua macam sama ja..rupanya memang people around my hometown tu tempah kat kedai yang sama ja..kedai tu pulak offers design2 yang...erkk...tak baik point is...we need a new shop please..sesapa nak buka kedai kad kawen dialu2kan..kesian tau orang2 kampung i.

i even had a plan tu go back to KL onece again to tempah kat sana jugak but nanti mesti orang kata i ni agung2 KL stuffs pulak...but what to do? i memang cerewek sikt..(banyak) i require more choices, that's all.

yesterday, my sis datang perlis and lepak at my house here and she flipped through magazines. majalah pengantin tu and she found some nice designs of wedding card. she suggested that i go and check them out.i never notice that tu ada branch kat jitra.which is about 15mins drive from arau.nampak sangat la i ni tak teliti...

so tomorrow, fiance & i are going there after he completed his KURSUS KAWEN!! yes, dia baru nak kursus. BUSY kan? huuu~

harap sangat2 i will find a card that i could "agree" with.since my wedding is small wedding..we won't order up to 500 cards pun..not even 400kecik ja my wedding =)when my friends found out the number of expected guests they were like " woi, western sungguh!!" but i would kindly reply with " otak hang western...ingat banyak duit aku nak buat makan 1000 orang???" well, just to shut them up... ;p

if i could't find what i'm looking for at mana lagi nak cari kat Alor Star ye? =)
p.s. seem like this entry is so melalut and not even about hihi...we'll talk about it after i get the idea!


Xora said...

Saya hari tu cakap kat ibu nak kurangkan jemputan, then ibu tak kasi. huaaa.. tensi2 nak jemput sikit2 pun takleh :( btw, kamu takmo design kad sendiri kah?

NoRr said...

xora kalu kita ramai family and friends memang tak boleh buat apa kan..kena jemput kalau tak nanti kecik hati diorang...kes sy ni kes terpencil. heheh...yep, design seniri kad kalu semua yg ditengok tidak menepati idaman hati, insyaAllah..(tapi design2 pun maybe cilok idea kat internet jugak. hahaha) ;p