Monday, September 6, 2010


i'm heading back to home sweet home penang tomorrow afternoon. before i go i think i should update a lilttle more about my baju nikah. we went for the fitting last saturday and syukur Alhamdulillah i am very pleased with the result. i'm very sure sure that many of us are so damn nervous when it comes to our nikah dress & the reception dress kan! seriously, after a very sad day when i first saw my reception dress, i was literally traumatic to see what happened to my baju nikah pulak. i spent a fortune on the lace. it cost me almost 2k for the whole thing, so if the baju didn't turn out well, i would cry again! but at home..ehehe

on our way to meet raymond, inside my heart i was praying real hard hoping that the baju at least looked okay if not perfect. but Alhamdulilah...i think i'm satisfied with the result. the baju will be 100% ready insyaAllah after raya. i plan to pick it up on the 15th. the neck line as well as the back button are not ready yet. but overall the dress met my expectation

this is not a kebaya...kurung modern. =) it needs a little alteration actually to reduce the size...size? does this mean i lost some weight??? err... no, i'm still chubby & cute huhu . but the side tu actually kembang when i stoodd straight , so we decided to kuncupkan dia.


that's us trying out the outfits! again i blur everything. awal lagi nak reaveal semua kan! but i think people can get the idea pretty much how my dress looks like...just a simple kurung modern. ;)






so, dah tengok baju later after that we went to gurney thunting for my nikah shoe. there was some drama involved between me and fiance. adengan merajuk but no pujuk2. it was late and i still didn't find the shoe. everything i saw i hated. and the buka puasa time was fast aproaching. so i think i had a panic attack i bought a pair of shoe at some store and i was not happy. so i lashed out at him sebab insisted to watch movie awal2 sampai and wasted my time. masa order makan baru berdamai. ehehe..ya, kami gaduh manja2 saja selama 1 jam. ehehe~

but later we headed to Queensbay after berbuka. and thank god i found another shoe. we went to Elle boutique and this time i found what i liked and the best part it was 30% discount. rezeki. me and Elle label are like best buddies. i realised i have been a collector of many Elle stuffs the last time i checked. maybe because the price are affordable for orang bawahan like me. hehe.. i thought of trying different brand for the wedding but i bounced back to Elle peep toe. it was actually a very simple shoe. no beads no stones and i could recycle afterwards. boleh pakai pi office and jalan2. so i took the shoe. weeeeee~ peep toe for nikah!! RECEPTION SHOE?? still hunting...still hunting...hmm..

i think that's all for the time being. i would like to take this opportunity to wish all Muslims, a very happy Eid. wow...time flies huh? we're saying good bye to ramadhan already...i'll be on hari raya break for the whole of next week and coming back to work for another week. i'm getting married on the following week! phew~



MY said...

Your dress looks lovely. I jelesh tgk your baju n org nak kawen nie.. hahaha..

Selamat Hari Raya..

Sya Sakura said...

selamat hari raya!! :)

A W E E N N Y E said...

Finally..leh komen...!!

yehuu, dear makin hampir tau. awn tak sbr utk u =)

NoRr said...

MY: TQ dear,i sungguh bersyukur it turned out alrite. and i'm soooo happy with it =)

sya sakura: selamat hari raya! =)

aween: yahhh! semakin mendebarkan sebenarnya =)