Monday, March 21, 2011

last night

living in perlis for 4 years now, i must say we don't really have decent fast food chains to go and explore the menus. we don't even have Mc Donals here. there are only 3 KFCs restaurants in perlis. ohh wait maybe 4. the nearest to what a normal KFC restaurants is called MY FC. and it tastes...well, u should try it to judge it. i've tried MY FC once and never returned ever since. what a joke!

oh, recently there's secret recipe restaurant opened in kangar. and i guess it's the only decent place for me and hubs to go out on our date night once a week. i bet the tauke has already familiar with us by now. since that's the only "decent" place for us to spend time with, i think i have eaten too many cakes nowadays.seriously, i have turned myself into a CAKE ADDICT. i may not have all the pictures to prove cos if i do, i think people might freak out to see how many pieces of cakes i have sinfully indulged myself in. ohh well, the waist line might be a good proof. ehehhe...nak kurus??? lupakan la seketika..

last night i had this pulak... White Chocolate Macadamia. i spent a very long time scanning the cake's caunter. because? ya la..rasanya almost each cake dah pernah try..hahahah...that's very bad ok.

i think this cake hit me at the right spot. oohh~ SODAP! not too sweet & not muak..just perfect.

as if the cake is not satisfiying enough, so i opt for this Chicken Cornish. taste just like a pie. with shreaded chicked,carrots,raisin, pastu lagi apa tah, cooked in special sauce.hmm...ok, not bad boleh tahan. there are 2 types of cornishes. original and spicy - and it's BIG. i love the original taste. :)

so, just to give my perspective of perlis, i think the perlis people should demand more developments. a lot of things are either can't be found in perlis or (VERY) limited number in perlis. kesian...i demand more fast food chains pehhhleaseee...ohh, if possible low calories. ada kah?? i mean boleh kahhh? ;p

what to do..i'm hungry all the time...

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