Friday, September 9, 2011

Comfort and Discomfort

Orang kata i am now HEAVILY PREGNANT looking... ya laa, pregnant at 7 month memang la heavy kan...currently, i'm experiencing the uncomfortable stage of my pregnancy and when i say uncomfortable it is very very uncomfortable indeed. apa kebenda yg uncomfortable tu? well, i guess all pregnant women are going through almost the same experince that i'm enduring now. I couldn't sleep well at night eventhough i was dead tired! pusing kanan salah, pusing kiri salah, tidur straight lagi salah! i felt that the baby was giving me a sign macam dia tesepit dalam perut ni everytime i turn to the side. but to sleep straight is alomos impossible cos when we are pregnant, our uterus is stretched and rasa sangat tak selesa for me. the only solution is to sleep with both legs bent and put many pillows all around me. sangat pelik if anybosy see me sleeping nowadays, bantal penuh keliling!

if i want to turn to the side, i have to make sure i have one pillow to support my big belly at the side. kalau tak, i could fell the baby was frantically kicking cam nak mintak tolong lepaskan dia dari tesepit! hahaha..seriously, i'm not kidding! and i realized that, turning to the right when sleeping is much more ok than turning to the left. baby tak kick kuat2 or laju2 sgt.but, i would wake up feeling sooooo numbed on my right hand la pulak.kebas abeh.. ;( * sigh* what to do? harus terus sabar dan sabar lagi la.

hmm, sometimes i really miss my pre-pregnancy sleep. sesuka hati ja nak tidur cemana. definitely boleh dengan selamba tidur kuak dada. hahaha....but since i got pregnant, rasanya dh 7 bulan jugak la tak tidur kuak dada ni. bahaya kan. ;p

i know that i can actually buy a specific pillow for pregnancy but i don't think i need. plus, it costly, rasa cam bazir ja. so i decided to find my own solution by putting many pillows all around me and i just need to bear with the discomfort for the next 2 months or so. patience is virtue after all.

well, i have also made some preparation for tha baby and i bought many of the baby's stuffs during the mega sale that ended last month. i don't really take photos of all the things i bought for baby cos many of the things are normal stuffs that all mom-to-be buy for baby. but, after we discovered the baby's gender, may of the stuffs are specifically for baby girl. we even bough skirts for baby! imagine if my doctor misscalculate in his predictions? according to the 3D it's a girl, but kalau yg pop out nanti a boy? kesian laa my dah beli skirts bagai. so for next baby's stuffs hunting i think i should buy more white color attire for baby.

many of the things we bought for baby at modernmun

Besides modernmun, moms'care pun best jugak. these two boutiques have a complete range of baby's neccessities and mother's as well. and the price are resonably good la especially during mega sales. puas hati rasanya. from baju to newborn carseat all were offered at good deal during last mega sales. and we have yet to buy the stroller as i reckon, i might not need it yet. so we decided to wait for the next mega sales this end of the year.

the best thing to buy for baby at this stage i guess the clothes. especially girl's clothes kan?? Rizal is always more excited than myself when it comes to buying baju baby nih...

an excited papa-to-be asked to snap this picture of his baby girl's romper! over~
Hmm... we still have a a lot to buy actually, being me who is not so organised, i don't really keep a proper list to buy. everything we bought so far was based on what we feel like buying. so i guess for the next baby's stuffs hunting, we should write all properly cos takot makin lama makin tak larat nak bejalan pusing shopping malls..

okay, have a nice weekend people! much love to all~

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