Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I guess i should also document my birthing story just like everyone else.and today is day 10 already since i gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Maryam Bahyraa. Wow..how time flies. Yet it feels just like yesterday i was in the labour room trying my best to push out this lil’ girl.

So, here it goes, my birthing story. ;)

For the record, i truly didn’t expect i would deliver baby Maryam that soon, i mean at exactly 37 weeks of my pregnancy. I had some mild contractions since week 35-36 but it normally went away. But i notice a day before Hari Raya Haji, on 5th November, i started feeling so very uncomfortable.like wayyyyy too uncomfortable and i didn’t know how to describe it. I thought final trimester was supposed to feel like that.i can barely walk but still i refused to stay put at home, we went out for breakfast and lunch and dinner with me feeling very uncomfortable in the belly area. Ok, rasa cam ngilu dan sengal2 kat ari-ari.sangat tak best. Cos it was constant..tapi still gagah jugak bejalan ke sana sini and mengemas rumah sikit2.

Luckily i had an instinct i should quickly finishing arrange my hospital bag. Pecaya tak, my hospital bag was not ready until at week 37 of my pregnancy. Bajet lambat besalin la kunun..hahihhh insaflah wahai diri~~

5th November 2011: evening around 6 pm we left the house in Perlis to go back to in laws place to celebrate the Hari Raya Haji as planned. Nothing happened until late nite i started feeling some hard and frequent contractions at around 12am. But again, i slept with the pain.

6th November : Hari raya Haji. I celebrated by having some rending, ketupat,nasi impit, etc at in-law’s place. And we headed to Penang at 12.00 noon. During the ride to my mak’s place i notice the contaractions were intensed but still manageable. I spoke to the baby telling her mommy still wanted to eat some more and celebrated the eid. Baby could come out after mommy had mee kuah daging kurban. Seriously!! ;p and the pain subsided.heheh... so we arrived at my mak’s place and boyy, i ate like nobody business! Makan sungguh la apa yg ada baham ja! I was tired but with Raya mood i didn’t even rest. Raya sakan la jugak, sembang2 dengan semua orang and my mak’s house was full with people coming for visiting and makan2. So tetamu harus dilayan kan! No rest for me at all. Baring sekejap2 saja but not sleeping or napping.

6th November 2011, nite time: sempat online and checked out you tube on how to deliver a baby. Tetiba gerun trus tukar tengok video kelakar2 and gelak kuat2 bersama Rizal. But dah rasa sangat tak selesa di perut. AGAIN, THE PAIN WAS MANAGEBALE & BEARABLE.

11.pm : before off to bed i had 1 final round of mee kuah...yummehhh!! and off to bed cos i was really really tired. Dead tired. Panjat la tangga rumah mak slowly masuk bilik with the uncomfortable feelings in  my tummy. I thought because i ate a lot.. *sigh*

11.20pm: nak pejam mata memang dah tak boleh walaupun tersagat penat cos the intensed pain and sakit yang memang kerap. I told Rizal but dia tidoq saja. *bengang*

11.30pm: i tried to get up and walk but it was a little difficult and i could feel the growing pain.and that point Rizal made a decision TO GO BACK TO ALOR STAR!! I was like....err....speechless.  dalam hati, sempat nih tunggu esok but then Rizal insisted we went back just in case. Cos i memang nak besalin dengan doctor Anuar. Tak mau besalin kat orang lain. So, we woke my mak and my sister in law teling them we had to go back.and my sister in law aske wheter i had any bloody show or water bag pecah etc, i said no. TIADA APA2 TANDA EXCEPT INTENSED CONTRACTIONS. And i sempat GELAK-GELAK LAGI TAHAN SAKIT OK!!

7th November 2011 , 12.00 AM: sepanjang perjalanan from Penang- Alor  Star all i could do was baca doa banyak especially zikir nabi yunus memang tak lekang dari mulut and i told Rizal “SAKITTTTTT” Rizal asked “ kita ni nak balik rumah ayah ka pi hospital” i said “esok ja hospital, tak mau orang seluk banyak kali kalau tak besalin jugak” but at the same time dok sakit kuat sangat2. Ntah apa, la i..still tak leh terima kenyataan i actually sakit nak besalin!huhhhh...

1.00 AM: masuk tol Alor Star Kuala Kedah and i knew that  we had to go to hospital! So i arrived at PMC and i didn’t really know the time cos i was having a really bad contractions and i didn’t know what to think and refused to think of anything. All i knew i was in pain and i just want the pain to go away fast!!

VE/SELUKAN PERTAMA:I didn’t even look at the watch and didn’t know what was the time. As soon as we arrived they wheeled me into the emergency room and the on call doctor did the VE and to my surprised, i was 3cm dialated! Oh no....memang sah i kena besalin soon. Dalam hati berkata2. And the doctor said i have to check myself into the hospital already. So i hanya beserah apa yang depa nak buat kat i sebab I WAS TIRED & I NAK TIDOQ!! That was all in my head.

VE/ SELUKAN KEDUA: as soon as i arrived at the labor room the nurse weighed me,amik blood pressure,pasangkan CGT machine and did the  2nd VE and  i was already 3-4cm dialated!! Gilaaaa....cepatnya!! all the nurses said “ni mesti sekejap ja ni sebab cepat sangat bukaan” so they processed me. I macam mamai sikit sebab ngantok. They asked me to change my baju, and then letak ubat bagi berak. Sepantas kilat rasa nak berak, so i went to toilet to empty my bowel. Tengok2  darah belambak2 keluar masa i tengah layan berak! Gerun sikit tengok. Sebab dah lama tak period. Beketul darah keluar.

I went out and told the nurse “darah” and they said takpa2...naik katil and rest, sekejap lagi doctor Anuar sampai. So i did what was told. And tak henti2 zikir nabi yunus and sakit dia sangat2 la tak tau nak cakap. Rasa nak jerit but i knew that was a stupid thing to do.buang energy! So tahan ja...
Rizal sempat amik gambar and i felt like throwing the camera!! Eeeeeee....

VE/ SELUKAN KETIGA: the nurse came and said i was 6-7cm. And i asked Rizal what was the time, he said, “3 lebeh. AM that is” and i took the time to nap sekejap sambil menahan sakit.

VE/SELUKAN KEEMPAT : DOCTOR ANUAR SUDAH SAMPAI....ohh he looked handsome with jeans & t-shirt i thought. And he did the VE. Masa ni dah tak heran laa apa nk jadi, malu semua dah ilang! Adehhh...ohh, he said “ ok dah 8 cm, sikit saja lagi tahan ok. Sabar ya..tahan sikit saja lagi” exactly i rememebered that. And i angguk2 saja. And i think it was like 10 minutes later i told the nurse i sakit rasa nak berak!

VE/SELUKAN TERAKHIR: the nurse did it and YES!! 9cm...sangat cepat!! I started to push already...it was 4AM sebab Rizal bagitahu. ;) so i push!push!push! tak keluar....and i told them i tak reti push...the nurse assited me, as well as Rizal. I terkagum sikit sebab my husband pandai betul bagitau i cara2 dia...hahahaha..but all the hard pushes were not successful! L sakittttttttt tu ja i  rasa. Then nurses letak apa tah buang air kencing i.adehhhh...macam-macam hal laaa.

Then after a while Doc Anuar came with his Phua Chu Khang boot. And i didn’t know what he did, all i did was trying my hardest to push the baby out and failed miserably! I think it took 30 minutes to feel the baby macam dh kat bawah sangat2 and sikit saja lagi nk tekeluar but i told them i was so tired! Tak boleh lagi dah...but everybody was cheering me on! Macam cheerleeders besama pom-pom...semua jerit “SIKIT SAJA LAGI...SIKIT SAJA LAGI...PUSHHHHHH!” 


to be continued...


hospital tag is cool than a gold bangle. ;p


Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

i wonder selukan tu mcm mana haha

NoRr said...

hahahaha....nak kata cam seluk poket that would be weird lak...

ReYNa said...

congrats dear!bersalin normal n dapat baby girl! ..putih lak tu.hihi.tu la.nak tau selukan tu mcm mana.ada org kata sakit ada kata x sakit..eehhe,nnti kena rasa gak ni.

NoRr said...

TQ Reyna!! Alhamdulillah...segalanya normal. ;) SELUKAN???huhuh...nnt ada sambungan lg cita ni & i cita sikit bab selukan ni,..eheheh..tak sakit sgt sbb sakit contractions mengatasi segalanya kot... hihi dun worry lah!! good luck to u!!

aNNa IrwaRNiTa said...

before n after beranak asyik kena seluk ja kan...haihh

NoRr said...

adehhhh...! sangat tepat...hukkkk