Saturday, December 10, 2011

Maryam Bahyraa: 1st Month Jab

Alhamdulillah, the 1st month vaccine was taken today at KPJ Specialist Hospital as we decided that it would be much more convinient for us to take the injection at private hospital rather than going to Klinik Kesihatan. not because we are apposing the public clinic but because i can't follow the schedule given by KK to us. Rizal pulak won't be around until weekend baru dia balik jumpa i and baby kat penang. Susah for me nk drive alone ke KK kalau nk pegi vaccine Maryam time2 i still in my confinement we have to wait for daddy to come back. hanya KPJ saja yang available for vaccine seperti yg ditawarkan oleh Klinik Kerajaan. sama ja jenisnya. 

As a first time mother, i was quite nervous to see my baby being injected.i thought i was gonna cry again as last time seeing my baby kena amik darah masa dia kena jaundice. but this time around, i was relieved. Maryam slamber saja kena jab...dia nangeh sebab doctor and the nurse dok pegang kaki dia bagi lurus. i know my baby well, dia sangat rimas orang sentuh2 dia or process dia. jenuh amok. but during the injection dia bunyi nangeh a few seconds saja and then senyap - pengsan / LENA balik... *maryam, maryam*

so, that was it, the second vaccine will be taken next month on the 14th January pulak. again during weekend. heheh...

For some who wonder how much is the cost to vaccine your child at private hospital, it's actually affordable.bukan beratus as some percieved., For maryam, 2 jenis ubat, 1 ubat demam, 1 ubat for Maryam's nappy rash, it costs us RM46. for specialist consultation, it is RM35.Not bad kan? and for me the most important part is my baby is being handled by a specialist paediatrician. so, if  i have any questions i could get a professional anwers. sebab i memang clueless bab handling my baby. i suka paranoid, so when i meet a specialist, at least all my worriness are deleted. ;) lagipun Maryam dah memang under Doctor Francis since day 3 she was born. so he knows Maryam's condition. senang skit.

so, let's see a few pics taken by Maryam's dad... hihi, anak dok bunyi, kami boleh dok snap,snap lagi...ntah apa2...

nurse has to pull her legs straight for the jab - time ni dia melalak sebab marah.

time ni masa Doctor Francis was doing some physical check up.

Alhamdulillah, Maryam today is 3.8kg already~ she was born 2,55kg ja tau. so, pat on the back mom...good jod for feeding Maryam secara gigih.

Why i said GIGIH?? well, Maryam since birth refuses direct breast feeding. she would scream as if i was torturing her everytime i tried direct breast feed her. sedeh gila la..i tak larat nangeh jugak sebab this happened to me. i so wanted to direct BF her cos my breast milk is a lot. jadi, tepaksa la i dengan GIGIH skali mengepam susu badan sebab i wanted her to have my milk no matter what. Alhamdulillah, so far she drinks mom's milk through bottle ja. i told her doctor about this condition and he gave me support and not to worry about it. direct or indirect breast feed, as long as she's happy he said.Hmm, betoi jugak~ nanti la i cita bab indirect BF ni. sebab for me it's an issue i need to address jugak.

awww...i love you baby girl!

So, bulan depan kita cucuk lagi ya cayang bucuk, bucuk, bucuk.... xoxo


ciksuen said...

NoRr g kpj mane? semalam kite g kpj gak..

NoRr said...

KPJ penang la ciksuen...i kan berpantang kat penang ")