Friday, December 30, 2011


indeed, 2011 is/ was the best year for me, Alhamdullih with so many blessings that came my way throughout this year. when i look back, woww...what a year!


i got pregnant twice!! one ended with a miscarriage at the beginning of the 2011. that was the saddest part but, we move on from there then i discovered i got pregnant again, heheheh... syukur... though, my pregnancy was not a smooth one as i was having a bad bad alahan throughout my 1st trimester and i had threatened miscarriage again with the 2nd pregnancy, i felt blessed that Allah protected my baby and i survived the 37 weeks with flying colors, i guess..heheh.. ;) Thank You Allah. 

throughout this year my main focus was nothing but to take a great care of myself and the baby inside, so the husband n me did nothing much but stayed at home and rested really well, and i am so lucky to have asuch a great partner who actually helps me from the beginning till now. all i did was rest and rest and rest until i ballooned to this extent! hahaha...


this year we have a new additional to our family besides Maryam, there is Aisyah Humaira who was born 6 monts earlier than Maryam. i was excited too besides my brother and SIL. she was their first girl. syukur Alhamdulilah, everybody was sooo happy for them and excited too. ssuch a cutie..

The rest is normal laa, nama pun family, sometimes we have our ups and downs too. i am also thankful to have my mother who is still strong and hardworking. she's been taking care of us so greatly till now, Alhamdulillah, may Allah bless my Mak and grant her with great health for many years to come, Amin. ;)

work wise

i had to take a month unpaid leave at the beginning of my pregnancy since i was adviced to rest and avoid stress and stuffs by my doctor, we didn't want to take any risk and decided it was the best to stop working for a while at least until the pregnancy was stable. Alhamdulillah, i went back to work with a new spirit and strenght. i taught 21 hours a week and i had no problem at all while teaching and doing doing office work...i was really really pumped up! full of energy. ;)  so, no problem with work or what-so-ever. in fact i managed to complete my work 3 days before i delievered. Syukur...

But, 1 thing i discovered at work was, after 4 years++ of working, i felt bored, unappreciated,more of a labour than a lecturer, hate many of stupid and annoying stuffs and people at work, and i wanted something new. i also miss my original friends at work who no longer working there. *work is no longer fun without them*

but, never mind, work is not supposed to be fun after all... especially when u re an educator kot? *pfft*

The Hubs!
throuout this year, he's been nothing but the best! from helping with the house chores and cleaning up my mess and my vomits, i am so lucky to have him. Alhamdulillah....May Allah Bless u babe. i hope i can be a good wife and mother to him and his child, that's all i could say. ;p because since we got married i i guess i never really cooked him great meals or proper meals because of my conditions at that time, and also because we were both quite busy with work too. by the time we reached home, both were dead tired. hahaha... makan luar ja banyak! (actually i yg tak tau masak)

1st Anniversary as HUSBAND & WIFE

no gift could ever be more precious than a give of love... i could not believe we actually made it a year this year! time flies these day... ;)


aahh...i can't start talking about her or i wont' stop! hahaha...She's  a blessing. ;) i am still learning sooo many great things about her and i am sure this very challenging learning process will have no end. i just hope i can do my best with her everyday. i am not an expert when it comes to handling baby like many of you out there, i still feel a bit of akward sometime, sometimes her diapers looks neat when i put it but many times her diapers are messy looking. tak kemas macam maktok pakaikan... i am still learning very hard, though. ;p

SORRY,it's poo poo time face~
Maryam, Thank You for being my baby, i love u soooo much cayang! mommy will try the best to learn everything about u and raise u. sooo excited!

soo, i guess that's all i can say about my 2011. may seem like nothing much, but oh my god! 2011 was a heavy year for me! (ehh ada ka heavy year?? apa maksud haa?? heheheh)

Hopefully, 2012 is another great year for us all, Amin... i can't wait for what in store for us~ Ya, Allah, do help us, guide us, and continue to bless us in 2012... Amin....



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ngeh..negeh..ngeh... ;) tenkiu

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Nor.. happy new year :) & Congratulations on your newborn ( i know dah terlambat..sorry) and happy parenthood dear!

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nowon, TQ Soooooo much! happy new year to u & baby inside...alaaa i stil feeling baru2 beranak lagi la..hahaha