Thursday, April 12, 2012

Is My Maryam Ready For SOLID?? (already!)

  • Loss of tongue-thrust reflex - checked kot! hahaha...
  • turning away from the bottle or breast - err... she's hungry all the time, how can she turn away from her milk? haha..
  • Ability to sit up and hold head up unassisted  - checked!
  • Interest in your food ( not sure cos we don't eat in front of her, but she tries to grasp everything from our hands) so... checked! ;)
  • Doubling of birth weight - checked!!!
  • Frequently waking in the middle of the night - checked!

maktok suap - mom snap pics byk2, maryam ingnore the camera~ lapaq~

see...she is so ready eventhough she is only 5 months! she can swallow very well, in fact, she ate like a pro! MashaAllah..i rasa kagum tengok dia makan. she is one hungry girl. i was sceptical to introduce her to solid food but my mak assured me when she observed Maryam. to be honest, i had this mental calculation that i would only introduce my baby to food when she reached a standard age- 6 months. but i guess, she cannot wait anymore. i started notice some differences after Maryam was dischaged from hospital, she kept wanting for more milk.every 1 and a half hour she would cry for milk again...she could finish 5oz every time. and that got me thingking, why is she always hungry? i'm not sure maybe becase she just recovered (although not fully) from her bronchitis, but since my mak said "try bagi dia cereal tengok, kalu dia tolak makna dia tak ready nak makan"

Yes, i know, we should feed a baby with real food instead of an instant one. i just wanted to be sure first since she is 5 months. so, bedal laa... saja nk experiment. skali suap, dia makin nganga, and makin rakus sampai tarik2 bowl...and she ate A LOT! i guess, it is official, MARYAM IS READY TO EAT.

now, i am a bit panic cos i planned to buy steamer with blender and stuffs to cook her solid foods next month. hahh...ambik...anak dah lapaq, begegas la pi supermaket C-mart Arau ( the only supermaket ok) cari mangkuk, sudu bagai... dalam otak cewah, dok plan nak beli feeder newby la, MAM la, mangkuk baby jenama2 la...last2... aku beli jenama OK BABY saja. that's the best i could do. hahahah...

berkenalan dengan sudu dan mangkuk dulu

Maryam..Maryam..naseb lah, dapat mak yang rigid nih...nk tunggu 6 bulan la sangat...okay, i promise to cook her a real food next week. takot pulak nak terus tukar ke puree. i think i should finish the 4 day rule dulu...bagi dia selesai with her instant cereal 4-5 hari ni, then we move on to puree, after mom got her blender and steamer.

ahh..seronok tengok anak tahu menelan makanan dengan baik! heaven~

p.s : tak tahan ayat nak tunggu ada steamer & blender baru nak masak...apa daaa... *alasan* pfftt...


honey bedazzled said...

awak kat is the cheapest avent blender and steamer tu 349, and plus rm12 for delivery!

NoRr said...

ya ka honey?? wowww...murah abeh!blender idaman tu...hari tu sebab neves anak nk makan, beli hand blender ja dulu sambil2 surver avent laa....TQ2..nk cekidaut!