Wednesday, October 31, 2012

a bit P*** Off

Any normal human being will be annoyed with a very unprofessional deal made. RIGHT? i simply think that people who would cancel your order after you have already made the payment is just unprofessional. so unprofessional.

 i recieved an sms telling me that the  vendor has cancelled my orders because they have another functions that the decided to focus on. WHAT THE....

Seriously i was bengang la...and they said they would deposit back my money (which i paid FULL) hui....panas telinga aku!

But, i didn't want to show that i was desperate at the same time so i calmly reply the sms by telling :-

" well, i just think that u guys are irresponsible and very unprofessional. But, thank you so much for informing me."
Takpa la, i take it as not rezeki. but i am a bit pissed because we have been discussing everything for quite sometime, and for them to pull out, SANGAT MENYAKITKAN HATI.

Luckily, another vendor willing to take my order and now going through the discussion and the drafts to approve, is a bit of a hassle because i lost my motivation dah.

What kind of a business person who would pull out at the last minute?? Macam ni la a few Melayu, bila dapat big order, yang small order they would let go...Benci aku!

Anyhow, i have to get myself together, plan everything slowly all over again. *pff..*

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