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i never really understood the feelings of wanting to give the best for a child until i myself became a mother. yeah..this includes what goes into my child mouth.

i never really gave a damn about baby's food before i learnt that Maryam actually an elergic baby. i started her on solid foods at a few days before she turned 6 months and she was so good at chewing and swallowing her first food. i remembered that. i gave her the instant one.hahaha...kesian maryam. mak maryam langsung takdak ilmu tentang pemakan anak masa tu. seriously i thought why go through hassle? instant ones kan banyak! kan??? macam2 perasa pulak tu...and they look cool and delicious too...see the packaging la kan...nampak sangat best la instant foods for babies on  the counter nowadays...

until, at day 3 maryam was on the intant cereal i noticed she had red spots growing on her legs and her back. i was soooo stupid to think that she has developed demam my mak and also our BS quickly went to take the daun untuk mandikan dia and also we gave her some air kelapa to see betul ke tak she had chicken pox.

No she was not developing chicken pox. after a week the reddish sports didn't seem like a chicken pox at all and we went to her doctor. and BAMMM!! the doc said she is allergic to something. and he asked us what we gave her for the past 7 was instant cereal..

and i was soooo angry at myself thinking how stupid i was. for not knowing the symptoms. see i know nothing about taking care of my baby at that time. and my mak and our  BS pun wasn't really sure why maryam punya badan naik merah2 cos they never experienced that before.

the worse part when she had her whole body except her face turning red. she practically looked like a baked lobster! kesian tau.... Alhamdulillah nothing bad happend. i didn't know that a baby could die by eating foods that are not suitable for them. 

and then the doctor said i had to stop giving her what i usually feed her and he taught me to give her only fruits and veggie puree instead and she had to go through treatments with the specialist too for the whole of  9 days and we had to go to the hospital everyday because of that... . i knew that i should give her puree as 1st food. but it was just too convinient to give the instant ones i guess. kan?? senang gila...ceduk,letak air, kacau, suap! sedapppp...

and from that moment i started learning about preparing baby foods from a few friends and also they invited me into the solid food group on fb which really an eye opener for's the coolest thing to prepare you baby with the homemade food.

and i think being able to cook our baby the homemade foods is precious. try la dulu baru tahu betapa seronoknya tengok anak makan kan, kawan2?? ;)

anyways...i firmly believe that it is a matter of choice. if some people think that giving the instant ones are the best for their children than who are we to say it is wrong??

the same goes with me, when i chose to give Maryam foods that are cooked by me or my mak, than i really expect people to respect the choice too. and it is annoying to hear comments from the people who do not understand about the choice i made.especially if they have never gone through the jouney i went. they do not undestand that every baby is different! some babies can tolarate certain foods. some just cannot!

 Comment 1: waaaa besemangan hang no...nanti anak besaq depa sebat jugak KFC dengan MCD     
                      hari2....buat penat ja ajaq makan elok2 ni...

Comment 2: anak pertama memang la excited nak buat macam2..mai anak no.2,3,4,...hmm...sumbat 
                      yang ready jugak nanti.

Comment 3: budak kecik2  lagi dah bagi macam2 makan...tak sakit perut ka?? boleh ka bagi  
                      labu  tu...tak elok tau...angin!

respect. as simple as that. and again every baby is unique.

and please be a parent first and learn about the baby development too if u haven't been one. then you will know how important it is for them to eat healthily at the very early stage. it it simple because they really need the nutrients from good foods for their brain to develop as well as for the health. kesian tengok anak with runny nose, always demam, batuk and so on...tengok balik apa anak makan. that is the simplest rule when your baby is sick. sebab itu saja rutin harian seorang bayi kan...makan dan tidur. selain enviroment laa...

whatever that we feed them at the early stage will have a big consequneces in their future. we don't want our children to grow up and be an adult with problems like obesity, high blood pressure, heart desease and so on..and Malaysia nowdays pun dah dapat tangga yang atas2 jugak dengan problem ni kan...semua  berpunca dari pemakanan. it all began when they were small.

i don't know how long my baby will be able to continue eating healthily. yes, they grow up eating fast foods and junks too. but all i know is the way we eat when we were small has the biggest impact when we became an adult. just teach the our children to eat good foods.God will, they will blossom into healthier adult.

what our parents fed us when we were small was beyond our control. YES they fed us with sugar and salt in our baby foods. simply because they were not aware of the facts. but they didn't have all the infomations back then. but, we are the generations with all the informations just at one click away... google tengok tentang baby foods...we will get a lot of info why we should only give the best while they are still young. 

i'm not planning to keep the sugar & salt away from my child's foods forever...but i know that the important to keep these two ingredients at least before she  turns 2 years old. until she reaches the appropriate age then she can have the adult foods. so please don't make comment as if i am torturing my little baby pulak....anoyying ok!

i just don'y want her to grow up being a picky eater or wanting to eat certain foods only. or hates vegetables...berapa ramai kanak2 membesar tak nak makan sayur dan buah?? ramai kot. and i just don't want her to be one. 

for me, every parent have their own way in raising a child. that part we should really respect and don't say or question why. and act as if we have the best way compared to the other parents. that is just rude.

at the age of 10 months++ now, my baby seems to be enjoying all kind of tastes and i am so happy to see that. when i think back, kesian kalau kita restrict makanan anak to only certain foods saja padahal ada pelbagai jenis yang boleh dimakan. cuma mentality kita saja yang menghalang.

and no, i am not a perfect parent . sometimes telepas jugak biskut2 and adult foods masuk mulut dia and i am ok with that. as long as i know what goes into her little mouth. ;)

 i still have sooo many things that i need to learn and read and ask the right people. when i fisrt got pregnant, i didn't reeally bother to learn about taking care of a baby. i thought i would come naturally. i was wrong! i shoud have equipped myself with knowledge first and the rest will come naturally. that is my personal opinion.

and my lil' girl is turning 1 real soon..sooo excited because after that she can eat new kinds of foods pulak...and the best part after a child is turning one is that  the milk is the supplimentary and the foods will become the, yeayyy to that!!!

kalau jalan2, beg Maryam memang banyak stok makanan. ;)

thermost yang banyak berjasa!

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