Monday, December 17, 2012

Maryam Bahyraa 1st Bday Party

AMBOI LAMA BETOI TEASER.... hahahaaa... 

Alhamdulillah...the most awaited (ceeewaah) 1st birthday celebration finally settled. leganyaa mommy Maryam Bahyraa ni sebab dapat melepaskan niat di hati untuk buat small celebration for my little girl. And the funny part was when my husband said "no more birthday party next year" uihhh...ya ka??? heheh...

i planned to have the party in december a month after her actual birthday date basically because i was soooo busy with work...okehh benci guna perkataan "busy"... let me rephrase myself, i was too caught up with office work like crazy...malas nak cita bab keja...takkan penah abeh. ok back to the storey... alaa Maryam's belated 1st Birthday Party was not a big one ya. i only invited around 60++ people to the party consisting close friends and relatives and a few neighbors at the taman we recenty moved in. i tought maybe it was a good idea to get to know my neighbor well by inviting them over to eat and chit chat while the kids could play together. i dah pindah ke penang almost 6 months now and i tak kenai pun neighbor i sangat. but, i guess after the they came over to our house now boleh la  senyum2 or stop by and say "Hello" to them pagi2 nak pi kerja or lepas balik keja kan. ;))

so, the party was on 2nd December 2012 at 3 until 6 pm. i planned to have a light meal  sebab nowadays kan banyak kenduri kawen. so a lot of people yang dah kenyang makan nasik kot. so our menu ware:

1. fried behoon
2. homemade fried Chicken
3. tuna sandwich
5. satay with nasik impit

Alhamdulillah all foods were yummy. but we didn't manage to fry some chips and do coleslaw sebab at the very last minute we thought the foods were too much already.

for the party i already planned to have a candy buffet for the kids to enjoy themselves. at first i wanted to do it on my own, but later i decided to hire people to do it for us instead. we hired  Melitingbites to do:

1. birthday cake
2.candy buffet
3.goodies bag
4. party deco

as for the goodie bags for the kids we have:

2.chocolate wafer
3.personalised lollypop

so i cuci tangan saja and enjoy my girl's birthday celebration lah konon...but tak hire any photographer sebab tak dak bajet. sapa tukang amik gambaq?? sapa lagi...i la....but with the amount of the guests coming and going i didn't manage to capture much la... sebab i was more busy with entertaining the guests..and also taking pictures... skali imbas, aku la photographer, aku la penyambut tetamu, aku la tukang segalanya...penat laa party2 ni...

My baby pon busy jugak entertaining the guests. tak dok diam langsung minah tu...sepanjang hari she was on her feet running around the house and we could hear her voice only. excited gamaknya tengok ramai orang. sampai makan pun tak mau..

jum entengok gambaq. biasa la blogging ni kalau no pictures tak best kan. heee...seriously we have a lot more pictures to share but everthing are still safe and sound in the camera. ntah bila nak ada masa godek2 benda alah tu... i'm just too busy to do that at home nowadays.. *patheticnya rasa*


i will try my very best to update more family pictures in here.



the birthday outfit. but she ended up no wearing the tutu at all because she hated it. sedeh i...

the invites

the birthday cake. i was ok with it. only i though it would be nicer without the paper deco up there..

during the preparation and deco time.

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