Monday, May 20, 2013

Maryam @ 1 year and a half.

Assalamualaikum. hari ni nak cita tentang anak lagi.

Maryam dah 1 tahun 6 bulan. time flies fact always ulang ayat ni...i think my baby is growing super fast everyday. ada saja benda baru yang pelik or yang lawak or yang comel or yang mendidih kalau i tengok. hehh..

the most noticeable character for the past few weeks is that she is getting more and more attached to me. i mean she used to be more "independent" in the sense that she would not mind if i disappear from her for a while or if i was not around her. she was totally fine with it..

And now, what happened? well, she would not let me leave her sight. like if her dad pulls her stroller i have to be by her side and holding her hand...lawak dak?? budak tu dok dalam stroller sambil seblah tangan dia kena pegang tangan i. if i hilang sat saja for example masuk fitting room, she would be screaming outside calling me!! "HAAAMIIIIII....MEEEEEMEEEE!" (mommy laa tu kalau ikot bahasa dia) adoi laa anak...

i think she now is much more capable at throwing tantrums in public than she used to be. hahahha...usually i would explain to her why she needed to remain in her stroller. and now, guess what? the so called explainations don't really work all that well...she would be in her stroller for 30 mins max and calls for help to get her now, memang i kena alternate...30 mins in stroller..another 15 mins she could walk on her own or i have to carry her myself. not even her dad can. only mom.

i'm the type of parent who believes in giving my child explainations before or during somethings that is gonna involve her. example, if we plan to go out for lunch, i would personally talk to her. i know she's a baby, she doesn't actually understand what i say, but trust me, any baby understands what mom has got to say or explain. this would usually minimize the drama in public. for my case. but, these days, the power of "speech" mak2 yang i always pakai memang takdak effect sangat dah.. she does what she wants. 

and, as a mother i think, when i sit back and think deeply, i think it is normal when u have a very active toddler. how can we ask them to co-operate while we on the other end, sometimes refuse to co-operate with certain things in life as can we ask a toddler to sit still, if we ourselves cannot and it is impossible to be in a still position guess i just need to let go of certain things that i don't approve kot...and just bear with it. phewww...

back to her manja berlebihan, i think maybe it has got something to do with my busy days for the past few weeks ni. i admit when i get home sometimes i just wish for her to be sleeping because i was so tired with work. such a bad mom...but i tak tau laa, why she suddenly gets more attached to me than it used to. memang tahap i wajib duduk depan dia., i only watch her favourite TV shows saja la..nak tengok  Masterchefs Celebrity pun i kena mintak izin dulu tau..hahahha...but luckily laa malam tak dak Upin Ipin and Thomas & Friends or Geng Bas Sekolah. ;-/

Makan jarang laa bersuap sekarang..semua nak buat seniri

yang paling tak tahan, tidur malam dengan kasut. tapi tidur memang mak kena dodoi. tidur beriba tau.

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