Tuesday, May 7, 2013

PRU 13

yes! i did my part this time. to be honest, i didn't vote for the previous election 5 years ago. because? well, i actually thought it didn't matter. tak matang betul jawapan i.

so, picture wajib lepas mengundi harus lah disemadikan di facebook or di blog jugak. eheheh...well, i think no matter what party we prefer, the main thing is we are Malaysian. it's just sad to see the way people were bickering for the past few weeks. and as a Malaysian and a Muslim, it's just terrible to see how some of us were willing to go to a certain extend to get the point accrossed. 

whatever it is, i am sure many of us have the best intension to keep our country united and prosperous kan!

i actually got very confused to pangkah who? at the very last minute before i went into the voting room, i asked my husband. "nak pangaksah sapa ni?" then he said laa party XYX. did i really pangkah XYX?? hahahha... ehh, undi adalah rahsia.

oh my god i am just suck at talking politics! so i better stop now before i do any damage to this entry. hahahaha...


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