Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Atmosphere...

well... i completely understand that i need to be more active by posting more pics of my engagement day folks!! well, for starter... i didn't have a professional photographer like most bride to be had during their beautiful day...sedeynya!! but i am thankful that at least i have a lot of pics in my possession though they are not professonally done... still, kita kena bersyukur kan... orang lain pics pun dh xdak dh...most of the pics i have are from my own camera, my friends( ha yang ni kena pegi collect balik from them raya haji nanti) and my family members too. hmm,.. although my wedding won't happen any soon but guess what? the 1st thing i'm doing as a preparation for the big day is to look around for a professional photographer! serious...sejak last week i've been doing this by asking around and getting the qoutations and stuffs..other brides to be may be thinking of the wedding dress first but me...i think about the pictures first! like we all know as the saying goes... a picture worth a thousand words...kan! so i need to hire a professional...what i can say here is that many of these professionals are willing to help me and a few have actually offered me a really good deal if i tell u the price u won't believe me..but apa pun KIV dulu semua tu kan. i think i will upload a few more pics to commemorate the atmosphere of October 24th, 2009 =p

The Arrival of The Rombongan Meminang

Next, The Discussion Session...

Lead by the Imam. ( in brown Baju Melayu)

Meanwhile, what did my darling do outside??

talking on the phone....heheh

well my friends, please disregard the low quality pics... i mistakenly set my camera to HDTV size but only 2MG the bila upload kat websites they look so blur n small but luckily when i sent them to develop..they turn out very nice! the pics of the rombongan look great cos taken from my sis's camera.hmm, what else should i upload ya??hmm...i'll think about that later after class ok!! =)


Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

ala mana nak puas tgk kekecil ni, hehe.. eh setup masa u upload pic dah set yang large tak? amik large and center, kat pop up window yang masa nak upload pic.. cos i nak tgk besar2..

okay pic seterusnya pic u siap2, mekap2, teruskan!!!! hehe..

cute nye fiance u duk luar di taman bunga.. hehe.. berdebar2 sure dah tu... :)

btw betul lah tu, photo mmg sangat important, especially for an event that happen once in a lifetime, those moments mmg priceless!!!! i mas tunang kawan dgn cousin amik kan.. kan skrg sume org pun ada dslr.. hehe..

u have time then, do browse the best photographer in town.. :)

NoRr said...

i tegelak2 baca ur comment tis time cik nurulhuda...ok2 nnt i buat seperti yg dicadangkan..TQ sbb bagi i semua idea ni cos i seniri pun actually lost of wat to upload..apa kata i lantik u jd my director? ok tak? hmm..tu lah kan skang smua pakai dslr tu..nasib naik my sis ada jugak so dia la yg active shooting suasana hari tu...TQ babe cos sudi jdi commentor kat my humble blog ni...terharu taw!! :p