Friday, November 6, 2009

macam-macam hal la!

baiklah, like i said over and over again, my engagement was kinda not properly planned.. i took 2 days off from work to go home to settle everything i should.. and within that 2 days only i had a chance to do the fitting for my baju and to confirm my make up session.. yeah..i admit it was all my freaking fault ok! =( i went to only 5 bridal boutiques that suited my small budget cos the rest of them just toooo damn expensive for me...( well, gaji i ciput ja tau )so, u can imagine with that amount of time how could i achieve all that i wanted kan... when everthing was done at the very last minutes u could only succumb to whatever that is left infront of your eyes..i tried to search around for a simple baju but i failed miserably and honestly i was quite sad and still sad if think of it...(takpa la benda dh lepas)

all the bajus i came across, was not suitable for an engagement including my baju..but what to do..yang tu ja yang i muat ok over pun over la...the rest were either too dark, too hideous, too oudated, too glamorous, or basically too depressed to be in...susah nak jupa butique yang ada baju ok if u have limited time. why the heck didn't i tailor made my baju tunang ya?? well, easy... i must confess that i didn't know where to tailor it and i didn't have time.. ( sorry if u guys find this excuse so lame)i am not pemalas ok.. just that i was not used to it yet..tak pernah masuk butik pengantin, tak pernah berminat dengan aktiviti berkaitan wedding panning, and most importantly... LACK OF RESOURCES from all angels la...

before this i never read wedding mags and so on... i bought my 1st wedding mag 2 weeks before my engagement day! hahhah... so in nut shell, i'm gonna need a book entitle " WEDDINGS FOR DUMMIES" ada tak?? i need to start getting myself familiar with all of these stuffs as soon as possible...cos like i said prviously.. i just realised that rupanya i bukan tangkap muat punya type of bride to be...during my engagement preparation i realised that i wanted a beautiful wedding day...but importantly without a great damage to my bank account...

i will try my hardest!banyak benda yang i tak tau and i need to ambik tahu... i dun want to rely everything on a wedding planner cos it might turn out horrible...( yes, i have a bit of trust issue to deal with)hmm... i hope i will get all the help that i need.. i hope people will understand me and generally helpful cos obviously,..i'm gonna need tons of help! =p ( banyaknya perkataan help)

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