Friday, November 6, 2009

make me beautiful pls

i read somewhere that we need to make sure that skin care, brow shaping and makeup consultation are on our Bridal Checklist.. well very true indeed...we cannot just leave to the so called make up artist to do whatever they want on our face rite.we need to sit and discuss about it we won't end up looking weird or worst looking like a clown...and many stories that i have heard from friends they are just too afraid to complain about their make up during or after their make up is's like an unspoken rule between brides to be and the person who does the the make up. well, u can count me into this list! my friend said that i should never utter a word during the session. complain, no this, no that,just be quiet and wait till u are done.. that was exactly what i did..shut my mouth, try to remain calm and just hope for the best that i won't end up looking like a ghost!but god knows how fragile i was inside... =(

it amazes me everytime i see a beutifully done brides during their weddind glowing looking they are, how flawless their make up looks...and mostly i find myself surprise to look at the diffrent they look...i can only wish that during my day i will look at least good if not as beautiful as others..for me, make up is super important to enhance one's beauty and at the same time the make up that we wear must make us feel confident...

i'm still in search of a good make up artist around penang cos i really don't want to end up looking weird with a really heavy make up my opinion, a really good make up artist should know how to conceal our flaws by not complaining about our bad skin and such..i still can't forget my betie's experince about he make up during her cut the story short, she was conned by this so called make up artist when that hamba Allah did her make up and she was not happy with it ( ya la janji guna MAC tapi pakai mustika ratu..ada ka??) and she ended up having no confidence at all and that make up artist had the gut to say to her that "seri dah hilang la sebab nikah dah lama sangat" adussss...bedesing telingaku!!

i've seen a few make ups done by a few people in penang i mean..and so far i'm in no position to critic their works it's just that the make up for each bride looks the same... sama ja macam boring la tgk..sepesen.. and muka jadi garang bila dh siap make up..napa tah??i really need recommendations from people on this matter..just hope that i could find a good make up artist that could make me look and feel beautiful... =) *wink*

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