Wednesday, December 2, 2009


i feel like throwing up...
for the last 2 days i have been dedicating my mind n soul marking my students' already half way through... but honestly said.. it ain't easy...cos i really really really have to focus...after a while it really weigh me down...penat otak! and inside my brain i couldn't help screaming at those anwer scripts...and occasionally i blurt out some cursing words.. i wish to strangle my students cos they could not answer a really simple question where the anwer is just right in front of their freaking eyes!! READ!!! they don't read!! arghhhh....i need to stop marking for a while cos i really am not in a stable state of mind where i could mark peacefully...i thought of not blogging for the whole of this week cos i wanted to keep up with the time that is running so fast...i have to key IN all marks by friday! GOSH!! what did i do to keep my mind off blog hopping?? hahah..i turn off the PC on my desk and take off the wire and stuff...hahaha..still i miss my blog and many other blog that i indulge every single day and i surrender to an evil whisper that keep pestering me to write something on my blog today...*sigh*

ok..what to write?? honestly, i have no idea.. maybe i should share 1 thing that i have in mind since a few weeks ago...well, check this out


i fell in love instantly with it the first time i laid my eyes on it...i thought how sweet the dress looks not so formal yet not too casual for a i rite??

well, my fiance and i kind of decided of having a small ceremony on his side like an evening tea or nite gathering of close families and friends to replace a typical wedding feast like normally we have in our mind...on his side we wanted something small yet full of wedding would be small and hopefully it would not turn out like a birthday party pulak!! ngeheheh..since i'm not gonna wear the typical wedding baju, and since the majlis won't be like a typical majlis kahwin, so i thought of not having any baju sanding, sanggul,or things related to it..but still i want to feel like a bride by choosing something like the above..but my 3 major concerns are...1st, will our family accept this concept?? (not having a typical wedding) and 2nd, I'M AS FAT AS A COW~! anyone normal know that i would fit into this!! my body won't look flatter in it unless i loose all the weight that i should :'( and lastly, where on earth could i get a tailor that could make my dream dress???? gulp!! S.O.S

btw, sorry about quality of the pic yang kurang jelas itu ya..cos that's the only pic i manage to grab from the web.. i just love the cutting and the overall's so simple and sweet and sopan..i mean takdak la over sgt kan for majlis yg kecil pada waktu petang or i wish i could have this...well if im blessed with lotsa money i would definitely go straight to the designer of this dress see if he could figure something out for me...unfortunately...NOT!! hahah...


marry said...

oho good dear !!!! very intersting blog and a good posting !!! you must maintain your blog, its intresting !!! Nice Buddy

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NoRr said...

marry: TQ glad that someone actually read my blog..thought no one cares..hahah

Anonymous said...

sgt tidak suke(harsh isnt?)bile mase marking nih..sgt jeles n cgu2 math!btw luv ur writings!rase sgt kerdil dgn englishmu..

NoRr said...

faratul: alolo..jgn rasa english biasa2 ja la..ejaan pun tunggang langgang!TQ for ur comment...suka!! =)

NoRr said... pun tgh marking la ni...sambil intai2 blog..ilang focus!!hahaa