Wednesday, February 10, 2010

pasang ticker!!

i got my wedding ticker...yes finally! i know that time will fly extra fast so i have to keep up..7 months to and i should at least settle a few things by now...unfortunately, with workloads and living away from home sweet home make it a bit of challenge for me..tapi normal la kan benda2 remeh ni..everybody goes through..

at 7 months away from the wedding insyaAllah, i think i have a little bit of idea what to do now..ohh, i do have a checklist but my checklist is not as superb as others..just a simple checklist and i don't intent to share cos more or less it's almost the same with everybody.. nothing fancy~ =) cos the wedding is not going to be an elaborate one...

so, ticker ni macam akan ingatkan i la kan if i lengah2 ka apa ka...hihi ni pun banyak lengah ni...apa pun tak settled lagi..many of the items in my list are at dicussion stage..banyak yang perlu dibuat from now on..

i hope things will be smooth for me in terms of my preparation...but i always keep in mind that, i could only try my best.. =)

can't wait for friday...goin back to penang and i have meeting with my pelamin vendor..actually i shouldn't be calling her vendor..she's my friend..insyaAllah, if our discussion goes well, she'll will do the pelamin.

sekian,.. ;p

p/s: ticker tu cam blur lah..takpa2..nanti cek adjust..nak delete pink rose ticker tu, sayang...


Anonymous said...

noRr.. oct is it?? toi tak??

NoRr said...

tepat sekali!! insyaAllah...=)