Wednesday, February 10, 2010


how can i be so careless?? ;(

today i just dicoverd that the front part of my car dah calar! ughh~ i didn't recall anything that i did to cause the looks as if somebody has hit it or it has been hit ( betul ka ayat i ni??) i mean, i'm so 100% positive that i didn't hit anything...all this while i didn't realise it until today cos my car was very dirty and i didn't wash it for a very long tak perasan la benda tu scratch... now, i'm beginning to suspect it had something to do with the day i sent it for service last week...mamat service tu la kot bump my car...hukhukhuk...tak baik serkap jarang...but who could have done it? rasanya when i see the scratch bukan macam orang langgar tapi macam org yg drive yg langgar something.. ;(

there goes my gaji...baru ja fix all the scratches and dah ada balik? bankrupt~


anak_sateria said...

nampak sgt ke scratch nye? faham sgt perasaan tu...i cried crazily wktu my car intentionally scratched by some idiots la kan... lepas tu i terus decide tuk pindah from that area...till now i havent fix the scratch...budget lari huhuh

NoRr said...

nampak...hukhukhuk...sedey jugak

faratul said...

waduh..nih yg x dsukai kan?? pe lagi rm tu sgt dperlukan tuk prep kawen.. fara fham..heee