Friday, February 12, 2010

designer's baju for free~

i was blog walking this morning, and read zerry Zamry's blog. i couldn't believe my eyes when i read he would design u a free baju.........for your future spouse only! hehehe... basically in his promo for this month, if anybody temapaha baju nikah or wedding dress from him, he'd do a free baju for our man...well, sounds good to me~

check him out at http://

p/s: sapa tak mau baju designer kan... ;p

p.p/s: zerry zamri did reply me promptly! hihi


anak_sateria said...

dear norr, i bru teruja with the promo from zery bila i read the comment, the average range for his design is quite high a.k.a expensive...its maybe cheap for a designer but for me, a starting price rm3k is too big for a dress that im gonna used once in my lifetime huhuhu

faratul said...

noRr, i tgk kat katalog avon kt skola, baju zery saaaaangat cantek.. tp price dia pon cantik.. too far fr my budget!

NoRr said...

anak sateria & fara: haaa...PENGSAN dengaq harga! tapi dia baik lah...if we give him bajet dia cater ikot harga tu.hmm..pengsan tetap pengsan~