Friday, February 12, 2010

pelamin oh pelamin!

in a few hours i'll be leaving for penang for chinese new year's break...i pulak yang terlebih excited...haha~ there's a few things that i need to start settling during the break cos i know i'm a little left behing now compared to many brides to be... i've seen many of you out there who have settled with a lot of stuffs on your respective checklist eventhough the wedding is end of the year..but me?? erk..habuk pun takdak lagi ni..hihi
so, i plan to settle one very important thing this weekend, which is our pelamin for reception. =)

honestly said, i don't know what suits me the best i mean in terms of design and budget and the most important thing what would look good in the i don't really know what to expect just yet..that is why we have to start the discussion now..
being a simple me, i just want to have a simple pelamin too. i do't want anything crowded on the stage..just something sleek and clean look.also, i don't think i could afford a decorator for the whole dewan or my badget will shoot off the i guess the only deco for the dewan is the pelamin itself.. thus, i hope the discussion will go on smoothly..
i'm so freaking nerveous to overspend on the thing that i'd probably be sitting for a few minutes or less than an hour to be, i'm not cheapskate or whatever u call it..but i have a really tight budget to deal i better be extra careful..

nevertheless, a girl got a dream of her own.setiap orng ada impian yg indah kan? i browsed through several pages and love many of the designs from kerja kahwin design and Zaifie Zainal and i keep thinking of the design like below. by the way, credits to all of them..

love to be walking down this cute isle, cantik juga arch begitu..

a simple 3 panels pelamin, very sweet

i love pomander balls gantung2 like this..simple~

hope to settle the pelamin by this week!!

ok then..i have class in a few minutes...till then,..

sekian, wassalam ;p


Yanie said...

I pun suka pelamin yang simple tapi mesti ada bunga banyak2...Hehe

NoRr said...

yanie, baru romantik kan banyak bunga..i kena discuss dgn pelamin maker i..hopefully she'll give me good price!=)

Anonymous said...

noRr cayang (u sayang i kan), my kenduri will be at home tp i insist nk pelamin 3 panel gak. since my home sweet home comei jek, xsesuai. so the best is wat kt khemah.. ramai2 leh nek pelamin mik gambar kan..

ayah fara ckp pe tau'awat nya mhal sgt..toksah la bazir wet, amik yg besa2 dahla' in kedah accent. pd ayah above 3k tu da kire mhal la.mmg nak cr yg murah tp bile kate 3 panels, mesti angka nye pon beso.. since i'm using my own money, nasihat ayah tu tak lekat la..heee..or maybe i xjumpe g vendor yg leh bg murah tuk 3 panels dais tu.. haish..

ElyaElmo said...

i pernah call kakak yg buat kerja kahwin tu,so far die nye range harga pun not bad sebb die guna fresh flower....i rasa better u personally jmpe dgn wedding planner tu sume..then u bleh dgr sndiri drpd dierang kan. senang sket klo nk wat decision :D

NoRr said...

fara: 3 panels harga pun 3k jugak la angka dia no.hmm, tu lah nasib guna duit seniri so sesapa pun tak leh nak bangkang sgt kan.=) tp normal la org tua kita fikir something yg praktikal

elya: TQ for the suggestions..syoknya if pro people macam tu buat my rasanya tak dapat kot sbb my kenduri is at penang.hihi

ellfazira© said...

pelamin2 di ats mmg looikkeee!!;p;p;p