Thursday, May 20, 2010

kain nikah hunting - finale

sebelum menjadi entry lapuk ditelan masa & while i'm not that busy, it's time to update on my kain nikah..(again) funny i recieved a few emails asking about the kains from the previous entry which many has mistakenly thought that those were my kain nikah...people were curious about the price, the name of the kain, where could they get the same thing, and one cute email was asking whether she could send the kain to me to be tailored. i was hillarious!

actually my dearest, i haven't finished posted yet..i haven't revealed my kain nikah just the previous entry was obviously not my kain. to make matters more funny...i kinda ruin the surprise a little by posted the entry too early. it was accidental. right before the office houre ended entah cemana internet was soooo slow and i pun dh lupa wheter i tekan save or published..(obviously published la..sbb masuk ofis tengok dh posted..dengan tak sempat edit properly.hehe)

anyways, let's see a few more laces i have tried in jakel shah alam. boleh? ;

it's called coaded (sori tak reti eja koded tu cemana) lace...they said it's the simplest lace of all cos no beads, no nothing...kosong ja.the SA didn't want me try it..honestly diorang macam tak bagi i dekat dengan lace tu..but saja la i try jugak and not to my liking la.lagi sesuai buat veil kot..dalam hati berkata.but actually, sweet la this lace..

next, this one meriah lace dia..sequins etc. again, tak bekenan jugak.

this one cantik even my bro appoved it! hehe..but...the color tak sesuai...a bit greyish. sesapa buat theme grey cantik la. the lace and the beads sangat lawa kalau tengok live and jaring2 dia pun smooth and less visible.. i even asked ada tak in white color...sadly they said no..

my brother should wear a tshirt with the words "JUST BUY IT" instead, hihi

sister with a happy face & happy to be surrounded by the lace..hihi

lastly, my very simple lace...beaded and with cristal all over..tunjuk sikit aci kan ;) mind u, it's biasa2 saja..

full version lepas semuanya dah selamat ok! insyaAllah...

one happy family with a bag full of lace!

itu sahaja untuk edisi mencari lace a.k.a kain nikah!lega & very happy eventhough it was a tiring day!if i were to do it again...of course i would! seronok sangat balut2 badan macam mummy..eheheh~


faratul said...

beshnye!! kalo leh nak beli, beli n beli macamla kawen byk kali kan? yg bestnye perasaan cuba byk2, tgk depan cermin, n rambang mata lagi..heaven!!

NoRr said...

fara...tepat sekali! ;p

fana said...

hye...i love the greyish one....coincidently, my nikah outfit will be in grey...em...boleh share tak the price..I ni tak penah beli blur gile...

NoRr said...

hi fana~ =) actually i mmg fail bab2 harga ni...i tgk and terus ja try..dh bekenan betul2 baru la i check the price..but many of the laces yg i tried semuanya rm1200 if i'm not mistaken.begantung kat desings dia..also, the best thing to do is to go and seem them as well as try them... hope my anwer helps a bit ye~ ;p