Tuesday, May 18, 2010

kain nikah hunting part 2

okay i will update about my kain nikah hunting instantly...basically, i was in a hurry..i spent the whole saturday hunting for kain nikah n other stuffs. remember i told that i wanted to buy my kain in jakel KL and not other branch?? well, i ended up buying my kain in Jakel Shah Alam istead..heheh..ok, since i'm a bride to be from outside KL, i think i will write based on what i experinced sahaja la ok..cos, i'm no expert here. =)

i arrived in KL late friday evening and damn tired.my brother and sister fetched me upon my arrival and straight away headed their home in puchong prima kot..entah i just tengok the sign..( bukan i tau where i was pun kan..ikot ja ) it was my first time visiting their place since they came back from Manchester..before this tak sempat pi..

so the next day, early morning we went out to have breakfast nearby and off we went to Jakel in Shah Alam...i think we were the early birds kot..if not one of the earliest to enter Jakel tu rasanya cos DJ Jakel tu pun baru nak set up his equipments..and the staffs in Jakel pun baru nak get ready to recieve the customers.

one thing i notice, as we entered the place, they welcomed us from the entrance up to the point nak naik escalator pun the staffs mempersilakan.."selamat datang ke Jakel" ehehee...sampai tahap tu ekk..and knowing our motive was just to find the kain nikah, so naik ja la 3rd floor...u'll see this sign depan escalator

sila abaikan brother ni..tiada kena mengena dengan kami..ehehe

see the sign? actually, dia tulis french lace Bandung RM50 per meter..hehe..tp that spot kurang sambutan...i snapped this right before we went off.

okay, again sampai2 ja kat 3rd floor ni terus one girl sambut and showed us around...and asked us our budget for the lace..ohh, seperti biasa..never ever tell them ur budget just yet..kan! i just told her that i didn't have any specific budget, just wanted to see first..kalau bekenan baru fikir harga..so she showed us the cheapest dulu kot on the left side of the escalator.but...NOPE...not what i was looking for.. tapi rajin betul bentangkan walaupun i said no..so takpa la tengok ja la.and siap lining2 skali la..and i reconfirmed with her the type of lining..cos i mmg tak pandai jenis2 kain ni. ;p and it was japanese satin. again...NO. i told her i wanted crepe for the lining.so the SA asked her friend to go to the top floor to get the crepe...kesian pulak..bertungkus lumus naik turun tingkat 4 n tingkat 3.so, the lining is settled then..inistially memang dah discuss with my tailor for that type of lining because:
1. kain dia sangat2 lembut & flowy bila letak di badan

2. my nikah is in masjid, so tak bole kain jarang2
3. crepe satin makes me look slimmer...heheh penting tu!
4. crepe tidak shiny like japanese satin...i just want to look modest not shiny on my nikah day..hihi
5. crepe ni ada quality skit told by many...hopefully, baju nikah nanti tahan lama la kan..nak tunjuk kat anak cucu.heee~

so here it is...

through my experience there, i noticed the sale assistants were so eager to cut the kain..kalut..naik seram pun ada...and there were moments i felt my brain freezed cos i was totally lost of words..tension!

i was assisted by more than two SA at that time and the boss also personally assisted me...i think maybe she noticed we came early kot. then, assistant2 yang lain dok depan kita and keep telling lawa...lawa..lawa...padahal kat mata i rasa taklawa pun??? tapi tak berani nak cakap apa2..diam n keep observing. so i tried a few peices of lace before that final desicion made. jum tengok gambar!mesti tak puas tengok pics kecik2 kan kawan2? so i besarkan okay ;p

mukaku masih belum tersenyum okay..so nak try lain2 lagi

abaikan my unflattery tummy ;(

after a few laces seemed to failed to satisfy my eyes..i asked the boss to show me the lace at the top floor. it was the area wher they called exclusive lace. one piece for each design...so up we went! ;p boy..it was heaven to be surrounded by the most beautiful stuffs...again, lost of words when the boss and the SA brought the lace to me...lawa ok...no,..let me rephrase myself...sungguh lawa lace di situ..and the price pun lawa la..i remember seeing the price tag on a few laces that written RM7500...gila kan..tak sanggup!fuhh~

and so i tried the one of laces..jum tengok sikit ok kan

solstiss French lace beaded with swarovski gems

to be continued...

p.s. i'm just sharing this experience with others and hopefully my intention is not misinterpreted

p.p.s: this entry was not meant to be posted on tuesday...i tak tau i pi tEkan apa..skali masuk keja pagi ni..tgk2 this entry dh post...hahaha...there goes the hardwork menulis karangan...HAHA

updated on Wed, 19.5.10


bitsANDpieces said...

i love those exclusive kains. he he he. sebab die exclusive so tak ramai pakai (if ur lucky, u sorang je pakai di malaysia) lol anyway, i chose soltis lace for my nikah.. i have yet to visit jakel shah alam- oh mesti visit ni :)

NoRr said...

bitsANDpieces: hehe..kain kat atas tu mmg lawa..sampai tak sanggup tengok..nanti kecewa

MY said...

huhu.. yg ekslusif tue mmg sgt cantik!!.

Tapi kan as you said.. mmg SA semua x saba2 nak potong kain. And sgt pressure time nak beli kain. Mcm tertekan sgt..(over).. haha.. Semua kain nak ckp lawa.. even for my eyes, x lawa pun. Tapi ok la kan.. lawa tu subjektif.. Positif nie.

anak_sateria said...

dear, i pun gi jakel shah alam last saturday... gi beli kain veil! adakah u antara org2 yg cri lace kat situ time tu heheheh i gi pg tp xla seawal u kan... x sabar tgu next entry sebab i pun tgh nk cri kain for bju sanding, bertandang segala ni... ingat nk gi jakel shah alam je sebab mls crowded kat kL n susah parking... hope to hear from ur experience soon =)

NoRr said...

MY : exclusive lace kat atas tu mmg buat kita stress kalau tengok banyak2..cos makin tgk makin nak semuanya!!! so kena hati2..kuatkan iman...hahah

narz: wahhhh!! tak aci tak cakap pown u pegi jugak..kat 3rd n 4th floor mmg tak ramai customers kan time awal2..mesti kita ada dalam kawasan yg sama time tu..