Monday, June 14, 2010

sudah kembali!

fuhhh! it's been quite a while since the last entry...remember i did mention i was all stressed out with works and stuffs... i didn't realise i was so stressed until i felt the left side of my head was feeling a little uncomfortable...almost migrain...( heheh almost..tapi belum lagi kot) and i guess my hormones are unstable too...bulan ni my period jadi pelik2..i freaked out jugak la...tapi takot nak jumpa doktor...maybe i'm stressed.

so after the audit ended i took a week leave and headed back to home sweet home, penang =) just to recharge myself la kan..bukan pi jalan2 pun. i spent my days tidur puas2, makan puas2 and did i masuk office ramai lagi yg belum balik dari cuti..heheh..this is the only time for us to take leave as the students are on their semester break.

again, seeing the ticker up there making me more nervous...i'm getting married in 3 months ++..hukkkk~ tak tau nak describe my feelings...before i was so excited and nowadays, all the excitements seem to turn into nervousness dah..i mean bad nervous...i'm beginning to feel scared...seriously...entah apa yg i takot i puntak pasti.i keep thinking negatively when i should be all positive...*sigh*

but, syukur i have a very loving and understanding fiance who would put up with all my craps all these while.he's been nothing but positive all the way!i guess men are better at dealing with stress kot??

well, as for my wedding preps. i think i have a lot entry tertangguh yg i should be posting long ago, but with all the BZness i had to to put everthing on hold. so today i will start with my door gift during my nikah day since the idea is still freshly discussed. ;p well, i have decided all the items for goodie bags for orang2 masjid so no problem with for the guests my sister came up with the idea Faux Cupcakes. well, since she is the die hard fan of the english desings and she owns an online business selling english designs stuffs, i decided to follow her suggestion. hopefully we'll be able to cut cost jugak..heheh

those who are not sure what is a faux cupcakes here it is

pic taken from

these are few examples made by her. cute huh? so what we plan is to arrage them on the guest tables for them to take home after meal as a token of appreciation for attending the majlis. ;) insyaAllah, at the very early wedding preps,i have decided to have a small but special nikah day.
i mean we plan to make it different a little from what the crowd in my kampung have seen.bukan la lain dari yg lain sangat ok..just a little intention is to only have goodie bags and bunga telur during the nikah day sahaja..sebab at my kampung goodie bags ni selalu hari reception..since my budget is not a big one so memadai goodie bag sekadar untuk tetamu hari for the reception which is also small reception jugak, no goodie kawan2, jangan lak hangpa heran tak dapat bag apa2 masa mai kenduri kawen cek na.. ;p
ohh, those who are interested with the idea of having a lot of english stuffs around the house or serviniour for wedding day boleh jugak oder from the website...heheh..

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