Tuesday, June 15, 2010

jalan2 pusing ipoh~

jalan-jalan ke ipoh ni actually was last month. i was there for 2 days only, so my "schedule" (ewah..macam bz sgt2 lak) was jam packed la skit. we had the whole day to go around ipoh and survey as well as buy some stuffs for the wedding. beli sikit2 ja la cos initially my plan was only to survey wedding stuffs since my sis insisted. she had been bugging me to go there and visit her a long time ago but this time around she managed to coax me jugak..heheh..

my trip was a success i guess since i have found a few things that i would want to buy the next time i go, insyaAllah...my sis ni memang kaki jalan and she is the expert of shopping for serious stuffs and she would know what shops offer good quality things and what shops are on sales, etc...i mean many of the shops we went the sales assistants ramai kenal dia..it's like her friends semuanya. maybe bcos she's so friendly - unlike me...hehehe. so agak mudah la to get a good bargain for instance, we went to the place called lorong carpet where almost semua carpet vendors sepanjang jalan tu kenal my sis n her husband! lawak pulak...and u bet they offered us a really great price compared to what i surveyed in penang..almost 50% cheaper...crazy! so i guess bulan ni punya gaji is to buy the carpet! ;p

during my first trip ni tak banyak yg i bought cos it was unplanned so i didn't fork out a lot la.. a few stuffs that caught my eyes - and i ended buying biasa2 ja la.

paper bag ni is my favourite item amongst all kot. ;) it's so girlish and so elegant looking in my opinion...it's a shape of a handbag.for me sesuai if i give this to my female friends later..ok kot? ;) my other sister told me back in her time during her wedding she saw this paper bag kat SSF selling at RM9 per piece, gila mahal..but 8 years later i bought this at only RM1.50 per piece.. ;p but too bad cuma ada 24 pieces in stock...boleh laa dah bekenan sgt.

transparent container ni last minute shopping..dah nak balik penang pun time tu tp my sis ajak jugak masuk 1 lagi kedai barang2 kawin..and i found it. beli sikit ja 100++ pieces ja. and sold at 40 cents kot sebijik..tak ingat..still worth it ;)

bunga telur sponsored by my sis...syukur Alhamdulillah ;) she said saja tambah2 kalau other doorgift terkurang ka.

bunga-bungaan...punya payah nak jumpa the kind of pink i like but finally...found it..still the pic doesn't do the justice...kat luar lagi lawa..ehehe

well, like i said i didn't spend a lot cos it was unplanned trip...i'm the type of person who is very careful with money...lagi2 waktu2 kritikal seperti sekarang ni. a lot of money to be spent on wedding stuffs...sesak nafas kadang2...but i am happy and syukur dengan apa yg termampu...though sometimes, i kinda hope somebody would step up and say " dun worry i will pay for everything!" hahaha....dream on~

p.s. these stuffs are for the nikah day. reception i takmau fikir2 dah cos i leave it to the expert... *tawakal*


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ehehe..looking back baru rasa best jugak pi ipoh..tapi during the trip sbb terlalu limited time rasa tension kejar sana sini...hehehe...