Tuesday, August 3, 2010

it's less than 2 months!

my gosh! time seems to fly super fast these days especially when it is less than 2 months i guess..hmm, nervous la! i still remember, when i put together the weding ticker above, it was at 6 months and i felt like i... still a long way to go...i guess it's not anymore ya'll!
maybe it's appropriate for me to say this "SAVE THE DATE!" ehh, bilakan datenya?? ehehe..come on..do the counting~ ;p
p.s. tengok profile pic pun sudah tukar..wedding mode!


Xora said...

Norr, soalan nak letak save the date tu, apply to me too! bila ye.. tapi saya rasa 2 bulan ni dah boleh tak kot, pasal kad kahwin pun kasi 1 bulan sebelum majlis.

NoRr said...

tu lah xora..ada orang letak way ealier rasanya kan! =) tp sy takde pun letak2 kad yg biasa orang edit2 seniri tu..kad save the date would be nice kalau ada...