Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wedding Cake Dilemma

i'm in blogging mood today but i have no idea what to write ( as always ) maybe i should write something that has been on my mind for a few days's about the wedding cake. actually, i have never cared much whether i have a wedding cake to cut or not.honest! i just want to get married and take lots of pictures on that day...that's it! see, how simple my wedding idea has always been?? ;p..but, the cake didn't appear in the picture up until i got to know i'm recieving a free wedding cake by my pelaming maker/ dress maker...

so Alhamdulillah at least no need to spend for the cake kan...BUT, alamak..tetiba i'm having the urge inside of me...wanting to have a cute (ok silap) a beautiful cake to cut during the cam whoring session! hukhukhuk...the dilemma is that, i'm not sure how my sponsored cake will look like.if, i'm getting a fondant cake ok la kot...but if i'm getting a normal butter cream cake??? tak mau boleh tak?? i'm sorry, if u think i'm not being bersyukur or being fussy..but i think i want to order a wedding cake that is according to my liking...but i'm too afraid to ask the person the design of the cake that he's giving..macam takot sangat dia fikir i demanding nanti.cemana ha? that day i respectfully asked him the sketch of my pelamin, but he was a bit offended rasanya when he asked me back " u tak trust i ka? " i mean, i don't want any drama.and i'm the type of person who doesn't know how to stand up for myself sometimes. :( benda simple pun i takot nak tanya...haihhhh~

should i or should not i proceed with ordering my dream cake? cos i have already asked the cake vendor to qoute me a price for a 2 or 3 stacked cake that looks something like this.


kecil la pulak bila upload...anyway, something like this is possible. at least ada flowers and pearls look alike decoration should be do you think i'm being demanding? should i ask him what is the type of cake his sponsoring?? cos if i'm recieving a fondant cake, i'd be fine and just deal with it. but if buttercream cake, i want to order something else it too much to have 2 cakes at a wedding??? hmm...

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