Monday, August 23, 2010

lagi sebulan ++ - career wise

latest update?? nothing much to update since i'm a bit busy with work and juggling a lot of stuffs that come my way at a very last minute. i was given a task to complete before i go for my wedding leave. so i'm currently busy with politechnic project. tension ahhh! nak kawen pun still kena buat project besar2...sakit kepala~

apart from that, i'm also busy with classes. i'm trying to finish all the syllibus and topics with my students. so that when they come back after Hari Raya, i won't have to think of any topic that has yet finished. proudly to say, this week is my last topic for all my classes. yahooo!! kesian my students, they had to attend replacement classes every evening till buka puasa time pun some of them still stuck with me...sorry ya anak2 murid. (anak ka??) at least i have 1 thing to not be worried about. i will meet them 1 week after raya to settle the presentations. =) kalau boss i tahu semua ni..mati! gila kan i managed to finish everything 5 weeks earlier! ngeheheh...pasni i nak relax2. masuk kelas tak mengajar or batalkan ja kelas! huhu

assignements budak2 all will be checked as soon as possible. but everynite, mata ni banyak nak pejam dari membaca assignments...also actively chasing or rather hunting those who have not sumbmitted their assignments!! dah rupa mak singa dah i amuk tiap2 kelas...ada ja yang tak punctual taken the assignments so lah budak2 poli...*sigh*

in a nutshell, banyak laa keja yang nak kena buat...i can't wait to finish everything. but 1 lesson that i got from all these, the work will never has its ending! kerja! kerja! kerja! =) nak kawen pun kena fikir kerja lagi...aiyakk!

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