Wednesday, August 18, 2010


we have decided to stick to cheque for my Mas Kahwin as well as my Wang hantaran for safety purpose. i have heard so many stories where the cash went missing during the event cos obviously our hantarans are up for display kan during the big day and it's almost impossible to guard them during the day. takkan la nak suruh orang tolong tengokkan hantaran2 kita sepanjang hari. penat la orang tu.

so, my sister came up with the suggestion of using cheque instead. selamat sikit, insyaAllah. ;) well, the groom will have to do another checque for Mas Kahwin. yang dalam gambaq ni mock cheque of my Wang hantaran given by the groom side the other day. my sis did the mock up for me before she tranfered the real checque to my account. she said maybe i would want to keep it for memory.haha...we recieved 2 cheques from the groom's side. ehh, bukan sebab banyak sangat tau jumalah wang hantaran i. 1 cheque is my hantaran and the 2nd cheque is actually groom's intention to combine the reception. remember, i'm having a combine reception kan. so yang tu memang groom's family bagi for us to manage. ( jumlah wang hantaran i biasa2 sahaja tau)

talking about cheque ni, i was told by my family that in penang, if u plan to use cheque for your Mas Kahwin, u'll have to clarify with the kadi first. it's basically because, some kadies do not accept this as a form of cash money. takot2 nanti dalam lafaz nikah tu groom terpaksa sebut "aku terimah nikahnya.....rm70 HUTANG!" that's what i was told. as for myself, my brother has clarified with the kadi and the kadi said it's OK ;)

for us, we feel that it's more convinient to use cheque instead of the cash. we're only taken the safety measures to avoid unnecessary incidents. i'm sure my family is going to be a bit busy entertaining the guests and the hantaran most probably will be out infront of the small pelamin. furthermore, we're having marhaban group and also a doa selamat kenduri later after the solemnization. so, i can imagine we will have a lot of people coming in and going out that day.

okay updates minggu ini? well, lawatan mengejut kepada tailor baju nikah telah dilakukan..hehe..macam garang ja i ni..i was happy this time around to see my nikah oufit which currently 90% done. and being a blurr me, i didn't know the baju on the maniquine was actually my baju. i asked, "baju sapa ni" and my tailor kata " baju u lah!" heheh...cemana la i boleh lupa rupa kain i seniri? but overall, i am pleased to see it. Alhamdulillah la...i feel like a bride already.

masa tengok my baju sanding, i was a bit depressed but this time around, dah ok. i can't wait to wear it! i hope my body won't balloon after raya ni...for me to lose a lot of weight is such a struggle.i have done everything but nothing really works. so i decided to just watch my weigh ja la..jangan naik lagi dah. gemuk pun gemuk la...pasrah.hehh!


zuhaira said...

hi, nak tau kat mane u buat mock cheque tu ek? :)

NoRr said...

hello zuhaira, sooooo sorry cos i have not been logged in to my blog for soooo long. ni baru buka blog. baru terbaca ur comment.

actually u boleh hantar kedai fotocopy je. hantar kedai yg boleh scan n fotocopy would look exactly like a real checque