Thursday, August 12, 2010

Penang Brides - finally, there's hope

lama blog ni ditingalkan without updates...susah nak dapat mood la nowadays...anyways, back to the title,
those who keep complaining about the how u wish to be somewhere near to KL so it'd be more convinient to prepare your wedding cos obviously around there, banyak wedding planners yang best2 kan? well, after a few surveys, i think i could safely reccommend 1 wedding planner in penang who is also talented and the products that they deliver are not that compared to other bridals boutiques around penang ni yang i think are outdated and so frustrating everytime we enter their boutiques...penah rasa frust tak?? ka i sorang ja yang selalu frust ni?hehe..

Hassan Wedding is the person you should give a try if you are planning a wedding. it is not like any typical bridal boutique around penang in my opinion, cos this person could provide you first hand wedding dress, some really beautiful decorations and also the up to date trends in wedding like what brides in KL areas and such are having now.i came accross this planner after reading the ads in magazine. trust me i was a bit frustrated i did't know him at the early stage of my wedding preps.

a very nice blogger nuwon once told me about him as she was so satisfied with his i checked him out and fell in love with his work. i mean at least he provided us with something different than what we have seen in penang all this while.

one of my dearest friend amy, who is currently planning her wedding talked to me how she also hated going in and out of the wedding boutiques in penang...and i suggested going to hassan wedding. and she said the meeting was successful and very happy. so good luck babe for the preparations! ;)

i don't dare to suggest her the person i hired for my wedding cos i have no idea of his performance just tak berani cakap banyak2.tunggu dan lihat ja la baru boleh komen.

i love the fact that at Hassan wedding, u get to pour your own ideas too...bukan cam sesetangah planner, asyik cakap faham apa yang kita nak tapi sebenarnya the have no idea at all. a few wedding planners ni ramai jenis sensitif tak bertempat. cakap professional, tapi sebenarnya emotional. tu yang tak syok.mangsa keadaan??? hmm...i kah?? hahahha..oops!

if u pay them good, 8K and above they'll give u what u want. but if lower than that, nasib la...lagi teruk dari butik2 pengantin biasa kita masuk tu.tu yang i alami la...cos my budget is very low. sedeh! cos a wedding is very sacred to many of us kan..kita nak yang terbaik, tercantik, terindah..but they treat it as a business only. tercantik, terbaik, terindah for me doesn't mean yang termahal. if they are truly professional, they will try to make you wedding as beautiful as they could for u based on your budget,kan? tapi bukan senang nak dapat semua ni...u have to do a lot of research and surveys.kena rajin skit.heheh

do hire somebody u think u could relly get along with. don't listen to others but do your own surveys just to be safe.=) as for Hassan wedding. u can check him out at the link given but the best way is to go and meet the person personally to see his current or latest designs.kat blog ni kadang2 jarang update kan!

for your information, i'm not hiring him for any of my wedding event. but i'm just sharing this for those who is still looking for a wedding planner around penang area.listening to a few comments from my friends, i think Hassan ni boleh deliver a good result base on your budget, insyaAllah...

sharing is caring kan! ;p


Nuown said...

nor, i msg hassan bagtau dia pasal writing you.. he post your blog at his facebook.. hihi.. dia cakap thanx and in humble way cakap ramai lagi yang menghasilkan yg terbaik..hihi

NoRr said... ya ka?? alamak..malunya i...but seriously, i should have hired him if got to know him earlier...nowadays, when my friends asked me where could they go? i always say try Hassan...;)

aimyboutique said...

hari2 pun talk same thing kan. hiks.
thanx to u my dear coz tlg menolong :)

NoRr said...

amy...ya la..hari2 repeat topik sama kan? kalau kita cakap dgn org lain, confirm depa muak gaknya..hehe...if not, annoyed...huhu..glad i have u to share everything babe!muahh~