Thursday, August 12, 2010

some updates of my upcoming BIG day

i'm just having a very small and intimate wedding, so i don't really have a proper wedding checklist to follow. all i could say is that i jotted down eveything i should do unorganised kan? ;p

so today i looked up the so-called checked list and evaluated what have i completed so far.

Alhamdulillah, it's done and safely with fiance now. it took us quite a while to get it engraved, cos the SA forgot to send for resizing & engravement. i would say the best thing i have ever had so far. can't wait to get that bling on my fingger!

solemnization: the baju will be reading for fitting next month. nervous! as always. last weekend, fiance and i managed to go to Sungai Petani to do some accessories hunting there. and it was a successful trip as we managed to buy the things that we wanted. i don't rent the accessories because i find that the price of renting is jus the same with the price of buying them. so i decided to buy instead. at least i could keep them later or recyle.

reception outfits: Done!! but fiance has no time to do the fitting for his outfit just yet. busy memanjang. we're going to do the second fitting maybe next month too.

Done!! both for solemnization and reception. just hope that the make up will make me look alrite..cos i had a very traumatic experience with my engagement make up last time. i looked like a clown. i don't wear make up on regular basis. so it's very important for me to not look like someone else when i have been made up.

Done! but we have no time to take them from our vendor in Alor Star. fiance, as always BUSY ;( he promised to take the cards this week.

DONE! we hired nasirzin since he offered us the best price for 2 events. we're gonna have 2 photographers covered the events. as for videographer, i could only afford to hire for the nikah event ja cos i don't want to missed the moment during the akad. that is the most important thing to me. other moments, i may have to rely to my photogs to capture them.

both for solemnization and reception have been booked but from 2 different vendors and need to discuss the menus.

this is just for solemnization day saja. we booked arabian canopy completed with scallop and maintable decoration. but i don't have any expectation for the table to look exclusive or something. since i hired someone who is new in the business. at first i had no plan to do maintable and stuffs. but my sister convinced me to let the canopy people do the table as well. who knows i might have no time to do everything on the day before my nikah. takot tak menang tangan nak DIY semua. and honestly i'm just hopeless when it comes to creativity. so we decided to just let the canopy people do whatever they can. pasrah ja

the candle holders are good enough for me. so i just need to buy the candle to get the dramatic effect kot? hahah...

the items for the hantaran are settled but the decorations? we have finallized the designs and we decided to DIY to reduce the burden. heheh.

we have not ordered any buntings so far..we'll see how it goes first. but we have ordered a big poster last weeked at SP. we sat together with the person and desinged it together. just have to send it for frame. i think we may need a custom made frame since the size is big. i told fiance please frame it with the most simple frame and the cheapest frame that available. heheh...

unexpectedly, we have kompang group. heheh..taktau kenapa suddenly boleh ada dalam list minggu ni. safely booked and paid the deposit. ;) i'm not fond of the idea having a DJ during my wedding, so i'm just gonna play the CD ja...a compilation of favorite songs. i have asked a favour from my best friend Anna to help me with this part. i just hope the laptop tak kena reformat again and lose the songs. heheh.

okay, i think that's all as far i'm concerned. actually ada banyak lagi the sub2, and small small things that need my attention. like the hand bouquet, henna, spa, etc semua ni kena fikir2 lagi...


mysarah said...

oh gudluck on ur preparation dear! ;)

NoRr said...

mysarah...TQ tau..u pun selamat merancang n menjalankan perancangan ya! hehe