Wednesday, October 13, 2010



i'm back in the office resuming the unfinished business i guess. many of the collegues were surprised to see me in the meeting early this morning... ehehe... told ya' i was away for a quick wedding reception and back in the office in a blink of the eyes...ehehe..
well, i guess the most waited moment of my life has finally ended - the wedding! ;) syukur Alhamdulillah... words could never express all these feelings i have inside.. I AM ONE HAPPY BRIDE - ok fine, ex- BRIDE. heeee~

the big day was actually on the 2nd October 2010. and the second big day was a few days ago, on the 10th. October 2010. and all i could say here, both days turned out great! i have no complaints or what-so-ever. Alhamdulillah, i had a perfect wedding. ;) i am so happy.

i have no idea how should i start updating the details of my wedding. but do enjoy a few pics i managed to snap on my own... i had 3 photogs during the reception and they did take a whole lot of pictures throughout the day. almost 5000 pieces and maybe more if i'm not mistaken. so i have to be very patient waiting for the official pictures. ;) but, many have seen some of the pics on fb. hey, more to come! meanwhile, these are taken from my own digital cam. boleh ekk!

the bride checking herself out before going to the hall- cuci gigi yang penuh lipstik!

the handsome groom getting ready... ewahh!

the bride - almost 8 hours later, still tak puas bergambar. sambung dalam bilik pulak sikit lagi..

ok, i know yg ni over...sebab jurukamera adalah groom. u could guess what would happen later kan?eheheh..oops! excuse my french.

okay everyone, i will slowly start the updates. *keep my finggers crossed* before i stop, i would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so very much to everybody. u know who u are. also, minta maaf zahir & batin yang terlebih dan terkurang ya. THANK YOU SO MUCH on behalf of myself & family. lots of love!

ok last2... before wipe off the make up ;)


MADAM norr ( haha )


faratul said...

norr..dah taip tp failed. pnat le nak karang blk.haha..
1st, gile heart the dress! it was stunning! fara pnah tgk dlm mag gray kaler, mmg nice. tgk kt blog syaz peach kaler, cantik. now tgk u pkai white, owh i shud hev this! plak.tuk baju mane lagi..sume event dah material tuk body dress tu pe ek? bkn satin kan??
2nd, selamat pengantin baru dear!moge new title bring endless happiness to both of u..

NoRr said...

fara, TQ so much for the well wishes. appreciate that a lot. about my baju sanding tu, Alhamdulillah i sangat2 berpuas hati though at first i was sceptical nak pakai ke tak..lega cos it suit me well at the end of the day. material dia is actually bride satin.. ;)

iedayah said...

laling..cantiknye baju u...suke2..update byk2 ea

NoRr said...

iedayah, TQ laling... ;p ok2 akan diusahakan ya!huhu

A W E E N N Y E said...

u look gorgeous...!
takde la spt yg u cita.apapun bila hati gembira segalanya turn out cantikkkkkk

NoRr said...

TQ aween! so happy u came. muahhh! hmm, maybe it's true then when people said that a bride has her own "magic glow" on her wedding...cewahhh!! Alhamdulillah, i felt beautiful too!

can't wait to meet u on YOUR WEDDING AWEEN!